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The "malinvestment" loss caused by the decision makers is not Qingrao Sohu – review the general office of the State Council recently issued "on the establishment of state-owned enterprises illegal business investment accountability system views", in the course of development of state-owned enterprises for the first time proposed the implementation of major decisions of lifelong accountability system". In the new economic development like a raging fire in recent years, the losses of state-owned enterprises is not optimistic, resulting in a loss of reason on the one hand and the international economic situation, China economic reform, but on the other hand with the person in charge of state-owned enterprises leadership mistakes, even serious dereliction of duty on. The opinions issued, clear "life" and "criminal responsibility" of the two words, is strictly accountable for such phenomenon, can be described as a agents from the supervision system. At the same time, the views of course is strict, strict implementation is what we look forward to.   loss of state-owned enterprises and the leader "capricious" investment related China Ministry of finance statistics show that the first six months of this year, state-owned enterprises total profit of 1 trillion and 127 billion yuan (RMB, same below), down 8.5%. This means that the loss of state-owned enterprises continue to expand. For example, the governor of Henan Province in the National People’s Congress recently said that the first half of the province’s 805 state-owned enterprises, enterprises reached 288, more than 1/3. State owned enterprises are not serious losses this year, the new elephant. Since the establishment of the SASAC in 2003, in addition to the international financial crisis in 2008, the state-owned enterprises profit fell by 25.2%, in 2012 the state-owned enterprises profit fell by 5.8%. Although in 2013 and in 2014 the state-owned enterprise profit increased by 5.9% and 3.4%, respectively, but in 2015 the state-owned enterprises profit fell again by 6.7%. This means that, in the last 5 years, state-owned enterprises have experienced a serious decline in profits for the three time. The reason, regardless of current trends, the world economy Chinese economic reform and other objective reasons, from man-made mentions, the person in charge of state-owned enterprises and leadership mistakes, or dereliction of duty are closely related. People’s daily issued a document for example, the Audit Commission released in 2014 11 central enterprises audit announcement shows that tens of billions of dollars in investment losses, many looks very headstrong, some enterprises of private loan 2 billion yuan to buy mine, the following year to spend 4 billion yuan price repurchase; in recent years, state-owned enterprises going out to accelerate the pace of big "buy buy buy, but many projects have become a loss of the black hole, or even hundreds of billions of yuan of investment boondoggle; some state-owned enterprises responsible for people not only care about revenue term good-looking, unrealistic pursuit of scale, exacerbate overcapacity, the breeding of a number of zombie companies. In addition to "willful" investment, state-owned enterprises and the loss of the existence of many of its bad atmosphere. Among these, corruption is almost around but kaner. After the former Railway minister Liu Zhijun, deputy chief engineer of the Ministry of Railways Zhang Shuguang sacked, a group of high-speed EMU procurement data had circulated in the media and Folk: an automatic washing machine 72 thousand, a marble vanity 26 thousand, an induction water valve 12 thousand and 800, a toilet sanitary napkin box 1125 yuan?????? behind such outrageous purchasing, corruption is profit related to the person in charge of a frighteningly high.相关的主题文章: