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Stay away from family accidents, only to warn children why invalid? By ignoring the key point – [children] maternal Sohu original, reproduced please standard source adults often told the children, "the power will shock, don’t touch", "knife cut, don’t touch", "scissors will cut you hurt, don’t", "don’t touch the hot water"…… Your home is so told the child? My old man is so often stop the child. But in any case had been told, son or lighter burns, burned by hot water, hands in eyes with the wind blowing electric hot blade…… Fortunately, fortunately, did not cause much damage. A friend is not so lucky, her 4 year old son one day to see grandpa with a lighter cigarette that is very interesting, ask him to play Grandpa, Grandpa grandson refused, said the children could not play lighter danger. I did not expect the day after dinner, the family watching TV in the living room smell a burning smell, rushed into the room and found the quilt on the bed has been a smoke. The children rushed out crying, hair is not burned, face burned red, then sent to the hospital after cure face a jagged scar, looks basically destroyed. The original children after dinner, secretly took grandpa lighter hide in the quilt to play. Such an accident seems to be far away from us, but it seems not so far away. More than 200 thousand children die every year from accidental injuries in China, of which about 70% are at home. Is our parents told less? The answer was No. But why do we often warn them that they will touch and do it? Some people say it is curiosity, you let them not to touch, the more they want to try. Children say that children are more likely to be less aware of danger. For each of these potentially dangerous things, there is no concept of what is in the mind, and what is dangerous, for those who have little experience of life? What is the burn cut? They don’t know anything about it, so they don’t know what it’s like to touch a dangerous thing in their mouth. So instead of worrying about their children being hurt, or simply warning them of "danger", simply tell them the right way to use them. What should we do? First, let the child to the risk of cognitive child psychologist Piaget think, in every stage of the development of children, have a unique cognitive structure. For young children, the earliest cognition comes from life practice. In view of the cognitive characteristics of children such as parents, on the way to the real life to let the children know the danger of the truth, let them have a sense of cuts, burns and other injuries. Of course, we do not allow children in serious injuries, only in the range of children and their parents can afford to let the children in the brain can be gently carved sulci (children are formed through the brain sulci leading to everything and knowledge.). For example, the hot cup, so that the child’s hand quickly touch, look! The cup can not be touched by the smoke fog." Sometimes we don’t have the heart to let the children try to directly, for example.相关的主题文章: