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Steel city, even in the low rise in the stock market or Kim Gu overdraft overdraft fund exposure platform in early days: the letter Phi behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The off-season inventory rose rare steel city, "Kim Gu" or the market is ahead of overdraft / reporter Ruan Xiaoqin, editor of millet into "Kim Gu" the first week, the domestic steel market has a slight correction. Analysis of the industry, iron and steel industry, the rapid rise in the summer off-season, advance the overdraft of the steel city "golden nine silver ten" market, steel market may usher in a stage of adjustment. On September 11th season, East leading steel issued in mid September price policy, with the sharp decline. Among them, Shagang steel prices down 80 yuan per ton, this is the first time since June 11th Shagang steel prices down. Tangshan area profiles, steel and other varieties of prices fell nearly two days also fell, billet prices fell by $40 tons. West Shinkansen senior analyst Qiu Yuecheng believes that this shows that the finished goods market pessimism has emerged. In September 12th, Shougang, Guizhou steel and other steel mills were most followed Shagang steel prices down, but Hebei iron and steel wire, thread, wire spiral trend will increase 30 yuan ton. Although the stock market began to cut prices in mid September, but the futures market has been reflected in advance. Yesterday, the main contract fell 2% thread, since mid August, the cumulative decline of 15%. Guotai Junan Futures senior analyst Liu Qiuping believes that the recent futures market mentality unstable, large sell-off. Downward pressure on steel market demand or from inventory. As of last weekend, the national total steel stocks 9 million 670 thousand tons, an increase of $1.5%. This is the national steel stock market rose for eighth consecutive weeks. Inventory is still rising after entering the traditional consumption season, the confidence of the market will form a certain blow. Xu Xiangchun, director of the steel network, told reporters on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, steel mills generally reduce production in the off-season, resulting in a decline in inventory, but this year, the stock does not fall off-season rise, which is very rare, only appeared in 2009. The reason is that there is a market for the fall of market expectations the active stockpile factors. On the west of the Shinkansen Qiu Yuecheng terminal, weaker demand and steel exports decline, is the main cause of the recent domestic steel inventories continued to rise. According to its analysis, first of all, the growth rate of home sales seems to have a downward trend, real estate development investment continued low growth. Since May, real estate development investment has declined for 3 consecutive months. Secondly, steel prices in the profit effect before tapping production enthusiasm. According to the China Steel Association statistics, in August the key steel enterprises cumulative daily crude steel production was 1 million 698 thousand and 700 tons, close to record highs in yield. In addition, the market for the fourth quarter will continue to loose liquidity, macro tightening is beginning to appear larger differences, which affect the market mentality." Guotai Junan Futures senior analyst Liu Qiuping said. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: