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"Doctor Strange" soundtrack master for the new "Spider Man" – music composer Mike – Entertainment Sohu Jiya Chino Sohu entertainment news (text Da Zi) concern Hollywood comic book action movie "spider man: return" (Spider-Man: Homecoming), today to finalize the music soundtrack: this famous musician just as the super hit film "strange" Dr. Mike Gia Dhino as the composer (Michael Giacchino), will be the "Spider Man" music. Mike Ghia is currently the most popular Chino Hollywood movie soundtrack master, previous works include a new "Star Wars" series, "Jurassic world", "Star Trek" series super commercial blockbuster, and Pixar’s animated film "flying Pixar" won the Oscar Award for best original soundtrack. Therefore, spider man: return on the audio-visual level will bring more expectations. At present, the film has entered the stage of post production. Spider Man: return will be a major comedy genre of the film, and the previous series of movies are very different. 14 years ago, Sam Raimi directed the first "Spider Man", featured spider man in high school, Tobey Maguire as a harmless actor, after having been playing super ability, the school canteen, repair is not reliable students. After the "remake" the amazing spider man, spider man’s high school career was weakened further. Therefore, in the new Spider Man movie series, the young Peter – Parke, will be the focus of the screen. Tom, who had had a wonderful performance in the tsunami miracle, finally won the role of spider man, "said Hollander. "Spider man: return" new villain "vulture", the debut in early 1963 comic, this is an old man. He can fly in the air, with terrible powers, and spider man crazy deal. There is also an important role in the comic "Tinker" will also be low-key debut. This corner by Michael Cheyrou’s play. "Tinker" whose real name was Phineas Mason, he is a mad scientist, designed a lot of deadly weapons as a villain. Over the years, he has been running an underground studio, and the studio disguised as a radio repair shop, is an evil character. Oscar winning actress Melissa – Tohme, Pepo Robert – Donny played Aunt May plays iron man, former child actor young actress to play Michel Zandaya. "Spider man:" will return in July 7, 2017 landed in North American cinemas.相关的主题文章: