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Subject matter crash! Laurence and Scarlett with Fitzgerald’s wife – Sohu entertainment widowed sister Scarlett Johnson and big cousin Jennifer Laurence have been playing the famous American writer Scott Fitzgerald’s wife, Sohu entertainment news (text Da Zi) Hollywood recently is preparing for the two biography film accident in the theme of a crash, two the actress will play the same role in the two film in the beautiful and damned for years "(Beautiful and the Damned) and has just entered the preparatory stage of" Zelda "," little sister "Scarlett and Johnson" cousin "Jennifer – Laurence will both play the famous American writer Scott Fitzgerald the wife — Zelda Serra. The two stars acting PK which will undoubtedly bring triggered at any moment, very much looking forward to the fans in the world. "Beautiful" and the curse of director in "the painted veil" John Karan, "the notebook" Nick Cassavetes, hovering between "Tom" Tom hiddleston had been passed is expected to join the film, playing the role of Fitzgerald. The great author published his first novel, "the side of paradise" in 1920, and the novel has just been published a week, and Zelda – Serra in New York. Many female images in Zelda’s works are based on the prototype of his wife, who is very similar to the character of the characters in the novels of Fitzgerald, which is very similar to that of the author of the works by the author of the paper. The author of this thesis is based on the study of the image of women in the works of the author and the author of the paper. This is the envy of the high society of gifted scholars and beautiful ladies lived a luxurious life, always at the junction of night life in New York, but in the end because to let the life become more distress break the pale. "Beautiful" the narrative focus and the curse did not fall upon Fitzgerald, the art of film biography, mainly female perspective as the breakthrough point, tells the story of Zelda into a mental breakdown by luxury miss the unfortunate experience, but also enlarge the influence on her writer husband in the life and career. Scarlett – Johnson is the absolute one. "Zelda" the background is not small, had "a beautiful mind" won the Oscar Award for best film and Best Director Ron Howard will direct the film, adapted from Nancy Milford selected Pulitzer prize for biography, who wrote "the White Queen" Elmar Frost penned the script. The film is also aimed at Zelda’s bumpy life, she was in 30s due to bipolar disorder was sent to nursing homes, died in a hospital fire in 1948. In the film, she is a woman with tragic brand. Jennifer – Laurence to play such a character span of the role is very excited, is expected to hit the impact of Oscar. "Beauty and curse" and "Zelda" are currently in preparation, the shooting date has not yet finalized, if the two films released in the same year, then the performance of the two stars will be used to compare.相关的主题文章: