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Sun Zhengcai: well water and electric supply   strengthen the hot weather safety work — local leaders — original title: Sun Zhengcai check hot weather prevention work in August 24th, party secretary Sun Zhengcai station to see the forest fire prevention equipment and supplies in the forest air ranger. Reporter Ju Jianbing photo recently, the city (Chongqing) and even high temperature, causing adverse effects on people’s production and life, but also easily lead to various types of accidents. In this regard, the party secretary Sun Zhengcai attaches great importance to several instructions, the county and relevant departments to deal with. In August 24th, sun came to check my high temperature weather prevention work. He stressed that we must strengthen the responsibility to implement and strengthen the scientific job scheduling, emergency disposal, and resolutely prevent serious forest fires, earnestly electric water supply security, strengthen the hot weather, the work of production safety, ensure the life of people’s life and property safety and normal production. The city forest fire danger rating has risen to high risk level, forest fire prevention headquarters, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau issued several forest fire and red orange signal warning. Sun Zhengcai came to the Jinyun Mountain in Beibei, forest fire prevention work, a careful understanding of the implementation of the responsibility, work in place. In the city of aviation forest ranger station, he detailed view of forest fire prevention equipment and supplies, visit condolences in the forest firefighters on line. It is the current forest fire prone period, the city has more than 40 thousand firefighters, a park ranger Ranger, braved the summer heat, stick in the forest fire line. Sun Zhengcai for their hard work thanks, hope they stare up, sticking, the forest fire prevention work in a more solid. Sun Zhengcai stressed that, at present, the city’s forest fire arduous task, the situation is grim. The relevant departments at all levels should strengthen the sense of urgency, and resolutely overcome the paralysis of thought, resolutely eliminate luck, prepared to meet the challenge, to defend, to ensure that no major forest fires and accidents qunsiqunshang. The forest fire prevention work to check, mobilization, deployment, adhere to prevention first, strengthen publicity and education, strengthen the hidden danger and fire control, strengthen the monitoring and early warning and prevention system to improve the duty duty, do not stay dead, leaving no blind spots. To strengthen communication and coordination of information, strengthen materials, equipment, personnel protection, and earnestly do a good job in the fight against forest fires, to ensure that the first time in response to a fire, timely scientific disposal. To strengthen the responsibility to implement, layers of conductive pressure, the responsibility of the implementation of forest fire prevention to specific units and responsible persons, to implement every link, every detail. Serious losses caused by forest fires due to dereliction of duty, to be severely punished according to law. Sustained high temperatures, resulting in the city’s power grid load hit a record high water supply soared. Sun Zhengcai came to the city power company dispatching center and the city water company scheduling center, check the power supply water organization scheduling, view the real-time supply of water and electricity, a detailed understanding of the peak period of water and electricity supply security. He said that this year, the peak water consumption for a long time, the momentum is fierce, high temperature weather water and electricity supply, is related to the people’s production and life, is related to the smooth operation of the economy and society,相关的主题文章: