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Supply side structural reforms to tap the development potential – Finance – People’s network, China’s economic development into the new normal, both facing rare opportunities, but also face severe challenges. To solve the economic growth shift, structural adjustment pains, kinetic energy conversion difficulties and other issues, the need to vigorously promote the supply side structural reforms. Promote structural reform of the supply side, is to adapt to and lead the new normal economic development of the major innovation, its significance lies in: first, help to maintain rapid economic growth. From the implementation of "two one hundred year struggle" requirement, by 2020 a comprehensive well-off society and realize GDP more than doubled in 2010, China’s "13th Five-Year" period the average annual economic growth rate should reach 6.53%; by the middle of this century to reach the level of moderately developed countries, the basic realization of modernization, obviously also need to continue to maintain a certain growth rate. Only to promote structural reform of the supply side, tap the growth potential, in order to ensure the smooth realization of the "two years" goal. Secondly, to adjust and optimize the economic structure. In the background is the formation of dominant economy of China’s consumption, low excess capacity, lack of high-end products and service supply, restrict the release of consumer demand, seriously affect the independent consumption growth contribution to economic growth and economic ability. The structural reform of supply side will greatly improve the adaptability and flexibility of the supply structure to the demand change, and then optimize the economic structure, improve the ability of sustainable development. Third, help to promote economic development momentum conversion. Over the past 30 years, China’s economic growth is mainly dependent on resources and low-cost labor and other factors into the extensive growth. In recent years, with the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend, the decline in savings and investment growth, resource and environmental constraints continue to strengthen, the economic development momentum must rely mainly on the main elements of investment driven by innovation driven. However, currently there are restrictive factors of system and mechanism innovation in China, resulting in the original growth momentum, micro innovation does not follow on the problems, which need to promote the supply side structural reforms to enhance sustainable growth momentum. A period of time in the future, should focus on the economic growth of energy shortage, the structure of supply and demand dislocation two big problems, to eliminate the continued steady growth, restricting economic economic structure upgrading, institutional mechanisms and effective barriers for the key kinetic energy conversion, priority selection from both supply and demand force together, promote the effective supply and demand docking areas to promote the supply side structural reform. Further deepen the reform of factor market. The factor market reform is the only way to revitalize the stock and improve the efficiency of resource allocation. Residence, land, finance and other areas of reform, not only can promote the optimal allocation of production factors and the adjustment of economic structure from the supply side, but also can increase the effective demand from the demand side, the supply side is the cornerstone to further promote structural reform. Therefore, we should speed up the reform of the rural land system, promote the reform of the household registration system and the equalization of basic public services, accelerate the improvement of the financial system and other aspects of greater efforts. Further deepen the reform of scientific and technological innovation system. Innovation is the first driving force of development, is the key to determine whether the old and new power can be successfully converted. Deepening the reform of scientific and technological innovation system is the root of enhancing innovation momentum相关的主题文章: