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UnCategorized When you have a Windows XP system and your system restore won’t work, don’t worry. It could be something small. Have you thought about how a system restore works? Do you understand what it does? How should you really protect your data? Computers work in funny ways and if we are not sure what they are doing how can we truly protect ourselves. It is evident that more and more people are using computers and digital media but are not giving much thought to how they will backup their systems. System Restore is a Windows XP system function that restores critical Operating System Files and registry entries back to their original state. It takes a snap shot of key files and the registry for restoring after an application install or driver install. A system restore gives you the ability to do a system restore to an earlier time. The resotre is only specific to those critical operating system files and registry keys. It does not provide you data protection for your regular day to day files or your important files. It won’t backup your mp3’s or your photos of your last vacation. It is merely there for assistance if you install something that doesn’t work right or causes problems with your Windows installation. Another problem is when you want to restore your system to an earlier time in its entirety. It makes it difficult if you are just relying on system restore to do the job. Like I said system restore is a just in case measure for your Operating System’s important files and key registry areas. It could care less about your personal files. You will need to perform regular backups and full backups of your system if you want to restore your system to an earlier time in its entirety. It takes a little effort to set up but will be worth it in the end. Once you learn what to do and how to do it the backup and restore process will be easy. Imagine just a few years ago storage was hard to come by because of its cost. Now storage is so cheap it makes sense to start backing up your computer regularly to external hard drives. It makes sense to learn how to implement a home backup system or plan that is automated and that you can setup and forget it until you need. The biggest problem people face today is they never have the backup when they need it. They always think about backing up their systems after a loss of data has happened. Digital Data is growning by the hour as we move forward with technology and innovation. We are digitizing books, music, and pictures every minute. We, as computer users, must learn to backup our data often and systematize it. You never know when the mechanical hard drive will go bad. You never know when your electronics may get zapped. We must protect our investments of data that we have spent time collecting. It should be like brushing your teeth, done every day. Don’t wait or put off the ultimate in data protection. Do your backup today so that you can be sure you will have it when you need to restore to an earlier time or if system restore is not working. Be prepared. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: