Taiwan media warned Cai Yingwen, from Taiwan will overestimate their undervalued – Sohu Military Cha ca1290

Taiwan media warned Cai Yingwen: the mainland will underestimate overestimate Taiwan – Sohu Military Channel from original picture: Cai Yingwen. "Taiwan times" published an editorial on the 18 Chinese, said Cai Yingwen once said, "her government" will be the most will communicate with the "government", the cross-strait relations, Cai Yingwen also promised that "not backward", even in the shut down communication mechanism of institutionalized cross-strait situation, still insist that the two sides have multiple communication channels. But obviously the cross-strait relations into the frozen period, the international space more and more compact, the Mac can only appeal to communication, skipping type, did not take substantive measures. Obviously, Cai Yingwen mouth communication pipeline is not in operation. Is the "government" a "government" to communicate? The answer, of course, is negative. Communication must have 3 prerequisites, the first is to correctly understand themselves, for Taiwan, to realize their own "legal identity" and strength, in particular, to strictly abide by the constitution of the Republic of China and the relevant laws. The second is to be based on the basis of transposition thinking, both to clear their strengths and weaknesses, but also to realize the advantages and disadvantages of each other and show flexibility. Once again, transparent and predictable, communication between the two sides in order to avoid miscarriage of justice, and then reach a consensus on the basis of mutual trust. In accordance with these 3 standards to inspect the CAI authorities, we can see that there are many problems in the communication between the authorities and the mainland. First, Cai Yingwen refused to face the reality of cross-strait relations, but also to avoid the "Republic of China Constitution," the core content. Indeed, Cai Yingwen in his inaugural address has been declared, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the constitution of the Republic of China "and" the relationship between people on both sides of the "Regulations on handling cross-strait affairs, but with cross-strait affairs is a" administrative law "concept, not on cross-strait relations are defined, that is to say, only in the transaction level authorities Cai that respect the" constitution "and" law ", but at the political level take evasive attitude. As we all know, the development of cross-strait exchanges has already let cross-strait relations beyond the level of the transaction, into the political issue of deep water, if the political problems can not be resolved, will only undermine the interaction of the transaction level. Secondly, Cai Yingwen has not really aware of the cross-strait strength contrast today, or Cai Yingwen may have realized, so only select with the help of the United States and Japan, the strength to resist the pressure, but Cai Yingwen is not the United States and Japan are also vulnerable, they rely on and won’t get what results, but have to pay a huge price. In other words, Cai Yingwen’s strategic premise is wrong, how can we establish effective interaction with the mainland? Cai Yingwen avoided cross strait relations, but within the connivance of "cultural independence" and "education independence", this will only cause, doubts, and then continue to put pressure on this issue, many have a dispute and is now on the table, such as the international situation in the past, both sides clear positioning, Taiwan be generous in now, worry about Taiwan, "" Taiwan independence route ", had to take preventive practices, Jianbiqingye refused to Taiwan to participate in. It is obvious that the lack of predictability of the practice of the authorities of the mainland, there is not enough flexibility to force the mainland can only respond in a tough manner. On the mainland, above.相关的主题文章: