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Taiwan’s richest woman denied the money to pay the Kuomintang said the error false original title: Taiwan’s richest woman denied the money to pay the said completely false false [queen Wang Yongqing Global Times special correspondent in Taipei, Taiwan’s richest woman, Lee] late "God of management" of the money paid to the Kuomintang Xue Hong denied. According to Taiwan when the electronic newspaper reported on 3, Taiwan Oprah Cai Yuzhen on Facebook broke the news that she got the news from the Beijing side, KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu to borrow 90 million Party workers salary, is one of the main gold Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou’s mother never really early, the other one is Hondar electric chairman Wang Xuehong by the ARATS trust and help. But people do not speak Wang Xuehong in Taiwan through the pipeline, solemnly denied the claim of Cai Yuzhen said, "this is completely false false, please immediately correct clarification". The central and local party workers salaries in September, due to improper handling Party committee "freeze the accounts of the delay in payment, and later in the gold master rescue, the party finally paid. Zhan Qixian, former vice chairman of Kuomintang held a press conference announced that the party chairman Hong Xiuzhu named to borrow two a total of 90 million yuan of funds, which is a mother to Terry Gou early never really borrowed, another unnamed pretty blue business owners are very low-key, do not want publicity. Editor: Chen Chen SN225相关的主题文章: