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Interior-Decorating One of the things that drives me the craziest about people who are decorating their new homes is seeing them rush into many decisions and then regret them soon after. As an interior designer, that is the worst thing I see. It might be surprising that one of the biggest things I have to tell people is to relax, slow down and enjoy the process of gathering decorating ideas before they .mit to anything. I think part of why people are in a rush to decorate their new homes is because our culture is all about rushing and getting things done quickly. So few people like to enjoy the process and really make intentional decisions about their home. I think that having a home is one of life’s best gifts, and therefore I love seeing people take that gift seriously and make the most of the opportunities they have. When you realize what a privilege it is to have a space to call your own then I think you will value the decorating process even more. I think only as you see the value of the home will you value taking time to gather decorating ideas. By gathering decorating ideas keep in mind that I am not suggesting that you take six months or a year to gather an endless amount of ideas that you will never use. I do, however, mean that you should take a few weeks and really look at your options before making any big .mitments. One of the all-time best places to look for decorating ideas is in magazines that are focused on home decorating. Order a subscription to a couple of good ones or borrow some magazines from a friend. Just get yourself into them and start looking at what is popular right now and what catches your eye. You will quickly learn that the things that catch your eye have a pattern to them and you’ll be off and running to creating your personal style in no time. While it is wise to ask for opinions and suggestions from decorators, friends and family, ultimately you have to choose what kind of decorating ideas to incorporate into your own home. So be cautious about letting others influence you too much. Don’t be afraid to try something unique or to go out on a limb with a decorating idea. The best place to experiment is within your own home. About the Author: By: ParthaG – The necessity for Retro mbler is widely increasing found in the market. Their ease and strength works .pletely well in so that it is excellent furniture. Even your space will gain modern-day ap … By: GoodContent – .e explore all kinds of decor that you just have to have! Festive holiday decor and unique home furnishings you can’t say no to. Give you home some personality without breaking the bank! By: ParthaG – The wish for Vintage mbler has got always increased with the boost of modern industry. But, while buying many of this furniture online, you need to consider some facts. The seller rating, replace … By: Ranjeeta Jain – Five ideas to give a fresh new look in a single day without much cost and hassles so that you dont have to put your bathroom remodeling at bay. By: sinuse – Tempted by our stunning range of floating shelves here at Shelfdirect? We can’t say we blame you. However, if you are struggling to think of how exactly you could use such shelves, never fear, beca … By: Ranjeeta Jain – Window blinds gives a clear clutter free looks, but the benefit is not limited to this only. While offering various light and privacy control options they can be designed in various types of materi … By: griselherrick – In this article, we have described Tech Lighting variations for adding charm to your interiors. By: Mike Hartwick – No material impresses like marble tiles. And with features aimed to please they make one upgrade you must check out! By: sinuse – Duravit are long-standing innovators of bathroom design, but the brand is especially acclaimed for its basins – which helps to explain why, when West London homeowners approach us about their requi … By: sinuse – What better way to accentuate the style of your home than a hand painted mural or decorative painting? 相关的主题文章: