Teachers and students to express the convenience of Ningbo’s first college express supermarket opene-sugus

Teachers and students to express the convenience of Ningbo’s first college express supermarket opened in the future, Zhejiang University, Ningbo Institute of science and technology teachers and students express convenient. The city’s first college express supermarket recently established at the Zhejiang University, Ningbo Institute of technology, most of the courier companies have reached a cooperation agreement with the supermarket, the future will be able to express all the express delivery of the campus supermarket business. The supermarket manager said: "Tang express opened on the first day, the storage capacity of more than 2000, is expected in the future every day more than 1800 pieces in the collection. Before taking express is full of campus run, a unified place now, class students can easily take the express. In addition to prepare 1 million convenient paste, will be affixed to the surface of the object, as well as a dedicated shelf express." It is understood that the school a large number of courier services in the convenience of the majority of teachers and students, but also brought a lot of problems. "The express last mile distribution" has become an urgent need to solve the problem. Before the courier agent some school campus is much and miscellaneous, the conditions in the campus guard at the transfer station, no conditions on the school, cause students to receive the shipment is not convenient to express company, because of the particularity of the students in class, often leads to no normal delivery. Zhejiang Ningbo Polytechnic campus to maintain order, to better meet the needs of the campus student daily courier service, by Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of Logistics Development Holdings Limited, operations management team of Teachers College of Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of technology, the establishment of Ningbo city’s First University City, and strive to build the super express, to become the city of Ningbo to solve the express last and the community km distribution problem demonstration benchmark.     would you like to know the latest educational information, ask for education confusion, share educational experience and experience? It pays attention to Sina micro-blog Sina @ Zhejiang education, reflect your demands and found; the number of public concern or: education information YiDianTong (zj_edu); or the parents will join Sina Zhejiang, interactive official QQ group: 62210056. For more information about studying abroad, please join Sina Zhejiang to help group QQ group: 280980058. For more information please sweep the two-dimensional code Zhejiang education information YiDianTong相关的主题文章: