Telecommunications fraud group for the number of messages dozens of people cheated 1 million 200 tho zhuxianduowan

The mass change number of telecommunications fraud SMS "dozens of people cheated 1 million 200 thousand yuan – Beijing illegal access to mobile phone mail list information, purchase a large number of bank cards and mobile phone card, hiding in the thousands of miles Guangxi Binyang a village dens, impersonation identity bulk SMS cheat money. Since August, this new type of telecommunications network fraud spread rapidly to several regions of Jiangsu, dozens of people fooled, cheated amount of about 1200000 yuan. In the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau under the unified organization, Nanjing, Wuxi, Suzhou joint handling and other public security organs, 9 suspects only half a month will catch back to Suzhou, including. Yangzi Evening News correspondent Su Gongxin media reporter Yu Yingjie "acquaintance SMS fraud in Jiangsu dozens of people when the noon of August 15th, Chen Suzhou people called the police, he was posing as an acquaintance cheated 30 thousand yuan. Originally, Chen received a short message a few days ago to work at the meeting, the general content is: "I am xxx (Chen unit, acquaintances) my mobile phone number change, this is my new number, please huicun. Please reply." Chen did not suspect, said he received a reply. Then, Chen received this acquaintance sent a message: there is a personal matter you help me do it, pay attention to confidentiality." Chen felt that acquaintances to help him to do his own personal affairs, is a kind of trust, immediately reply: no problem, I would like to ask what is the matter?" Acquaintance SMS told him: trouble you to a certain exchange 30 thousand yuan, I am not convenient to come forward with their own names and bank cards to exchange. You can rest assured that I first put the money into your account (or you first pad for me, I turn back to you), you do not have to pay." Chen usually acquaintance with this name is not bad, went to the account to turn 30 thousand yuan. After the remittance, he sent a message to the acquaintance of the phone: money has remitted, please rest assured. However, the number of acquaintances did not give him back to text messages. Later, he learned that the unit acquaintances did not let him the money to others. Aware of being cheated Chen quickly reported to the police. It is understood that, after other places in Jiangsu province have also occurred in a similar modus operandi of fraud cases. These are posing as acquaintances, mostly unit leaders or business owners, there are dozens of people cheated, the loss of millions of dollars. Guangxi Binyang police clues to lock the criminal mastermind received a report, Suzhou City Public Security Bureau police detachment investigation immediately. The survey found that Chen remitted 30 thousand yuan, after several years in different regions of the bank card removed, and finally into Guangxi, Binyang, and has been taken away. Interpol detachment sent immediately rushed to Binyang, after two days Mopai, found the 2 withdrawals, and investigate the identity of one of them, a breakthrough in the case. At the same time, the Suzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau task force through the string and found that not only in Suzhou, other parts of the province recently also occurred in a number of similar fraud scam. After analysis, the Suzhou police basically determined that this is a criminal gang in the crime dens in Guangxi, Binyang. August 19th, Suzhou police rushed to Binyang, with the support of the local police, the basic grasp of the organization of the entire criminal gang, people.相关的主题文章: