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Television network advertising platform   selective watch " net generation " normal – media – original title: selective watching became net generation normal today, traditional media has entered a large investment, high competition and low growth, the audience shunt customers diversion era, internal and external competition. More and more fierce, the traditional TV media and emerging video site competition, it is the two kind of media competition, rather than the two kinds of competition. The Internet is directly facing the market, for the user, is entirely market-oriented, while the TV station bears a relatively complex, diverse functions. The management of the two ways are not the same, the TV station is the management of the system within the enterprise plus leverage elements, which compared with the pure market-oriented operation of Internet companies, there are some differences. More importantly, the Internet driven by capital, the basic completion of the vertical and horizontal integration, the formation of complementary resources, a strong integrated platform + content of the group organization. The four class do TV is only fight the enemy separately. And due to the competition between the television and the Internet, resulting in the audience’s attention is scarce, selective watching is increasingly alternative to random viewing". In addition, the biggest problem is that the traditional TV media is a one-time spread, but not able to digest the benefits generated by one-time transmission. From this point of view the video site, if it is made drama, hits one billion times, is the best network drama, there can be broadcast on television a good show, the video website hits in the tens of billions of times, in other words, our TV station has become the first advertising platform the Internet "". Based on this background and reality, I think the future of TV production and broadcast will show several major trends: the first trend is serious polarization, Matthew effect is obvious. Today, due to the dual impact of the Internet and television, more platforms, media coverage is not enough to attract the attention of the audience, the audience is more concentrated than in the past to choose high-quality products. Therefore, the platform, themes, types, production and other major elements, will become the lifeline of the drama. The second trend is to become the new normal across the screen, the video site has become a quality channel. Now in the TV broadcast, select the network synchronization mode is more and more obvious, even the first network background, which is not before. But I think, these are the video site marketing model, mainly to do pay. In fact, an important touchstone television broadcast or Internet broadcast. The third trend is the "net generation" has become the main "network" become standard. Today, along with the growing up of the Internet has become the main audience, not only the main body of the network, but also the main TV audience. With the network generation generation of IP is related to a large number of creative, such as parenting, marriage, career, housing has become a hot topic in the TV series. The fourth trend is that in addition to the theme, style, type, the value of TV drama is also changing. Related to the individual’s free development, which is related to the self realization, individual dignity and fair development related to the growth of the young generation相关的主题文章: