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Terry Lin: don’t worry about the other half of married love enjoy Terry Lin Sina entertainment news Beijing on November 7th news, according to Taiwan media reports, 5 evening Terry Lin [micro-blog] in the arena held a "One take" tour final. After the end of the interview, Terry Lin, when he was singing a new song suddenly phlegm and asked to respond again, saying, my girlfriend is watching, sweet tone. In the ensuing celebration, Terry Lin also generous talk about the other half, said "enjoy the feeling of love, not in a hurry to get married, but also revealed that both parents have seen. According to media reports, Terry Lin’s girlfriend is his agent, responsible for helping to deal with personal affairs and caring for him, the concert was also the same day his girlfriend staring at the field. In the celebration, Terry Lin also revealed that he and his girlfriend has reached a consensus, "if the marriage registration is simple, because we have a common idea, is to save the money for two people, so more practical!" When asked about the subsequent work plan, Terry Lin said he was ready to leave for a week, completely empty, "rest for me is very important, in addition to the charge, can think about work performance of musical inspiration." (Intern Su Yewen) (commissioning editor: Weng Jun fishing)相关的主题文章: