Thai actress Tina home fire parents too late to escape

Thai actress Tina home fire parents a chance to escape death Li Tina and parents firefighters to rescue the fire scene Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Thailand actress Li Tina (Tina) in the neutral Tomboy image show amazing film, lesbian film "Yes or No" (aka: love) play a "small Qin (Kim)". By the whole Asian audience burst of red. 26 am 2:30, her home suddenly caught fire on the 2 floor, the parents did not have time to flee both from the news shocked the entertainment. Li Tina’s home is the 52 year old house, home business Chinese factories, there are large quantities of flammable paper building after the fire, firefighters rushed to the rescue scene, spent 2 hours to put out the fire. The roof of her home was destroyed by a fire, and 66 year old father and mother of the age of 65 were found lying on the bedroom floor. The frightened Li Tina too sad, can not speak foreign brokers said, then in the Instagram message mourning: "Mom and dad you rest, you will always live in her heart, don’t worry about me……" She opened the IG track with millions of fans, in addition to sharing the working, most often PO is mom and Dad together, one family relationship, did not expect a fire after unexpectedly and parents Tianrenyongge, many friends have also issued a document about.相关的主题文章: