The 25 anniversary of the independence of Tajikistan Seminar – International – People’s

The 25 anniversary of the independence of Tajikistan International Symposium on — Tajikistan ambassador davlat Zoltar, vice president of CPAFFC Song Jingwu and deputy director of the Eurasian Academy of Social Sciences Sun Li attended the Symposium August 31 Beijing electric (Yi Liqun) 30 morning, held by the central China friendly association, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Tajikistan and Russia in Central Asia and Eastern Europe in China Embassy in Beijing jointly organized the "road to peace prosperity Road — Tajikistan 25 anniversary of independence" seminar in beijing. Vice president of CPAFFC Song Jingwu, Ambassador of Tajikistan Duff Larter R Da, deputy director of the division of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Eurasian Eurasian Liu Bin, the Ministry of commerce department vice director Liu Xuesong, Deputy Secretary General of the SCO Wang Kaiwen conference speech. Vice President Song Jingwu said in his speech, 25 years of independence, under the leadership of President Rahmon, Tajikistan has made remarkable achievements in various undertakings. Since Xi Jinping became president of China, the two heads of state in a variety of bilateral and multilateral occasions to communicate closely. Under the leadership of the two heads of state, mutual trust between the two countries has been growing, bilateral trade between the two countries in 1992 from $2 million 750 thousand in 2015 to $1 billion 847 million. This year, China become Tajikistan’s largest trading partner, bilateral currency swap officially launched, opening the capital flights, including tunnel and highway construction, mining, agriculture, communications and security and other fields of non-governmental exchanges and regional cooperation to benefit the two peoples. Duff Larter Geoff, Tajikistan’s ambassador to China, combed the development process and future development plan of Tajikistan since independence. In particular, he pointed out the special position of the relations between the two countries, he said: since independence, we will unswervingly put strategic cooperation with China on an important position." He also said that the two countries are actively exploring new channels of pragmatic cooperation. The representatives of China and Tajikistan have also elaborated their research achievements on the development of the two countries, and discussed the cooperation projects and prospects. Institute of China International Eurasian Institute deputy director Li Ziguo believes that Tajikistan’s independence after the original economic relations chain breaks, choose the development of infrastructure and other large projects, in line with national conditions, in the Central Asian region has made enormous contribution, fully embodies the meaning of common destiny to lead the people to build the Tajikistan country and actively carry out international cooperation. Xu Tao, a researcher at the China Institute of contemporary international relations, pointed out in his speech that the major projects of the two sides of the tower are of great importance to the people’s lives, such as the upgrading of highways and the protection of freshwater. Tajikistan scholar Likeyefu speech, along with the economic development of the two countries, the cultivation of compound language talents is urgent. This view has aroused heated debate. (commissioning editor: Wang Ying (Intern), Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: