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25 years after Gloria Tang’s life once said: marriage only face Sina entertainment news Gloria Tang was born 91 years [micro-blog] has been around for 8 years. At the beginning of 2014, Gloria Tang (GEM) in "I am a singer" in the second season of brisk performance, and take in the mainland quickly became popular, and has become a "explosion program" at the same time, the surge in popularity GEM has become a lot of controversy of the protagonist, even wearing a "pants" is hit into "negative fashion". Before the interview she said on the wedding, "every time I see you"!" Indeed, the past two years witnessed Gloria Tang’s "big calamity", and every time, we always have to sit down and talk what, from her voice again and again, in response to the focus of controversy, to later become easy to chat, she chatterbox is more open, more and more people relax. "Alternate wedding did not let Gloria Tang become the sun" ", or often reveal a badly frightened person" the wounded attitude, after she experienced these, but more and more optimistic, "if your mind on the above right, actually". 25 years after Gloria Tang gave his keyword is "grow up, simple, happy, had a plan of marriage at the age of 25 has lost her, smiled and shouted," there is a face their own "pressure! Even so, she admits that she is still looking for love in a different way. And the plane to go to these unknown in life, she has the future, I hope to work with my fans to influence the world, this vision, and actively to achieve. Healthy cooking Master sophisticated way: do a cauliflower soup, all people have praised me! Gloria Tang: "every great amulet" will see you! Sina entertainment: really, there is death? Gloria Tang: Yes, my birthday. (laughs) Sina entertainment: it’s been a long time since you were 25 years old, and you don’t feel like you’ve become an ex? Gloria Tang: actually, I also think that time is a little bit too fast, I can not accept a little suddenly 25 years old! I’ve been feeling quite active and naive, but now I feel like I’m going to be mature. Sina entertainment: fans will also feel a little more mature Gloria Tang later? Gloria Tang: actually, my fans have always been, I do not know why often call me deng! Three! At the age of! Communication with me has always been a lot of fun. Sina entertainment: do they have any gifts for you? Gloria Tang: in fact, I usually do not accept gifts, but they made a birthday cake, I thought they were booked, the result is the fans themselves to do, I think this is quite a surprise. Sina entertainment: Yes, they seem to be better than you. Gloria Tang: I don’t usually make that big cake. Sina entertainment: the last time you made that little cake failed. (laughing) Gloria Tang: wow…… I’m a little speechless now! You killed me by surprise! That’s because I didn’t know the original cup cake cup was in an iron jar. So I had a little bit of shame that day, but my mom was pretty good.相关的主题文章: