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The $300 billion internet heavyweights dinner, why no ma – tech Sohu scoop November 19th news: Third Session of the conference of the Internet and previous sessions, the first concern is the bigwigs in the dinner, sun photo! Big brother party lively, the table was also full of food Dangdang, said chefs are invited to the national cooking master. Here are the full menu of two banquet yesterday evening, 58 city chief executive Yao Jinbo invited a group of friends with a total of 10 people in the rich characteristics of the southern fishing circular real wine on the road, and discuss the Internet plus service life". Another is the Ding Lei organization, the two have invited the great Ma Huateng, but only the lack of host Ma zu! This is why? Internet Conference held in Wuzhen, Ma is also a half of the landlord. A pile of domestic gangster Zilai Shu, have dinner very lively, since that is the international Internet Conference, foreign chiefs who come to the reception, not pony brother who? Although the domestic big party is bound to be invited to Ma Yun, but the colt brother on a mission, not to participate in these dinner will do. Although the past 11 Ma, the Tmall platform turnover reached a staggering 120 billion 700 million yuan, compared with last year growth of 32.37%, the wireless terminal turnover accounted for 82%. But the Chinese market is bigger, it is only 30% of the global market, there are overseas in the 70%. I believe these big coffee and ma not haggle, after all, their eyes are the same, have the whole world in view! (Editor: Dong Jingsheng)相关的主题文章: