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The art collection can not lose? In fact, only a small part of the appreciation to the central broadcasting network reporter Oswald intern reporter Zhao Mengqi, according to voice of the economy, the "world" report, "although as long as the child, not too much on the property, but think of the art, they tore a sufficient". Hollywood columnist Samir on the Angelina – and the – year – old divorce, comments, the feelings of the couple, the marriage of two years, $450 million in property, the 6 children is difficult to divide within a short period of time, the 10 – year – old. Julie and Pete are already getting ready for ammunition to tear up the divorce. The news broke yesterday, Brad Pitt had drunk make planes and apron for children when he roars, and even attracted passers alarm. These may be irreparably in a divorce action starting point. When it comes to today’s theme, art collection, the Hollywood over the past couple of the years to buy a lot of art, Wealth-X valuation of at least $25 million for them, are some of the most modern art paintings, some street artists, some master send their gift, these paintings is said to have a lot of appreciation. The art collection is speaking of appreciation, is there really such a Hanlaobaoshou thing? Star space founder Fang Fang, who decides the price of art? Fang Fang: art collection price and other goods without any distinction, the relations between supply and demand are decided, how many people want to buy, how many people think of what kind of price, which determines the prices of art. Of course, the artist created it and its operators also have certain art dealer pricing, but the pricing principle of fundamental goods it can not escape, is a relationship with the supply and demand is a correlation between the nature of. So when we see a lot of works today is very expensive, in fact, is a great proof that today there are more people who want to have the wealth of these works, want to possess it. What are the uncertainties of investing in art? As long as the purchase of appreciation, is not an illusion? Fang Fang: there is a serious misunderstanding of contemporary art prices, if there are one hundred pieces of works which are a piece of work, it added 100 times or 99 times, then there must be another 99 works may be completely devalued to almost No one shows any interest in. This field is a good work, in this high value-added future margin, but most of the works or what we call ordinary or mediocre writer, this is a process of time, they will be gradually out of the era, the collection of ancient art, very ancient art collection of Ming and Qing Dynasties, even the song and Yuan Dynasties the art of that era that outstanding artists have almost won’t change much in the future, but today we are active artists some of them will stay, is a process of phasing out the time of precipitation is actually very cruel, it will choose one small part of the extreme proportion will stay in the art history of the stage, why do some works will be high in the proportion of added value, because it is through the test of time, It will be very scarce to be the last part of the stay.相关的主题文章: