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The arts students and parents to pay attention to the arts schedule to remember that time management is an important step in the success of the college entrance examination, examination. Managing yourself is the highest management. Thomas Edison said, "the most important thing in the world is" time". The famous American management guru Dulake said: "we cannot manage time, nor what management"; "time is the world’s shortage of resources, unless strict management, otherwise will accomplish nothing". How to make efficient use of time? Please look at this "art" schedule. Art is not as many people imagine is so simple, in fact the examination candidates in the examination process to pay more. Candidates must pay attention to the arts monthly event, do their work and apply for the examination and test. Here we summarize the 2017 arts event schedule, so that the majority of candidates know what art arts exam event, for their own pro ahead exam preparation. At the same time in advance I wish you success! The first phase: June 2016 – October item: professional learning, culture art review Essentials: learning specialized courses to take into account the cultural course review. Because of the focus on art examinee culture class is the basic knowledge, and professional courses after the end of the day, free time is more, so, make full use of their spare time courses culture course review of the basic knowledge is a good choice. The second stage: November 2016 -12 month matters: art art examination outline Essentials: 2017 college entrance examination art unified exams are what content? What’s the change? According to the unified examination outline of the enrollment, broadcasting, hosting, directing and performing majors of colleges and universities in the provinces in 2017, the paper points out the direction for the examinee’s review. Students can focus on the WeChat, will promptly update for everyone to push the whole family information. The third stage: January 2017 -3 month matters: single test scores and college art examination and certificate query Essentials: February the institutions will continue to be a separate examination. Want to apply for the national 81 independent set of undergraduate art colleges and universities candidates, but also on the basis of unified examination, to participate in the independent professional examination of the college. When admission, different professional admission principles are not the same. The fourth stage: April 2017 -5 month matters: culture class sprint Essentials: the culture lesson is art students’ weakness, but also the art college entrance examination of the most important part of the college art students in cultural course requirements gradually increase, how to deal with the continuous growth of the art class scores of cultural studies, art students must become important to solve the problem. The fifth stage: June 2017: college entrance examination matters during the college entrance examination Essentials: keep a common heart is the most important to consolidate the knowledge through all stages of the review, to the entrance to this stage of learning progress has very little space, by relaxing and combing, adjust their own state of mind, perhaps to better play to their level. Sixth phases: July 2017 -8 months

艺考考生和家长注意 艺考时间表要牢记   时间管理是高考、艺考成功的重要一步。管好自己,就是最高的管理。美国托马斯?爱迪生说过,世界上最重要的东西是“时间”。美国著名的管理大师杜拉克说道:“不能管理时间,便什么也不能管理”;“时间是世界上最短缺的资源,除非严加管理,否则就会一事无成”。如何高效利用时间?请看这份《艺考时间表》。   艺考并不像很多人想象的那么简单,事实上艺考考生在考试过程中要付出更多。考生必须关注艺考每月的大事,做好自己的备考和报考及考试工作。   下面为大家汇总2017艺考大事时间表,让广大艺考考生知道艺考考试有哪些大事,为自己的备考提前做好考试准备。同时提前预祝大家金榜题名!   第一阶段   时间:2016年6月―10月   事项:专业学习、文化课复习   要领:艺术专业课学习阶段要兼顾文化课的复习。由于艺考生文化课的考察重点在于基础知识的掌握,而每天专业课结束后,自由支配的时间较多,所以,充分利用专业课课余时间进行文化课基础知识复习是一个绝佳的选择。   第二阶段   时间:2016年11月-12月   事项:艺考大纲 艺考统考   要领:2017年高考艺术类统一考试都考什么内容呢?有什么变化?根据各省的2017年普通高等学校招生播音主持类、编导类和表演类专业统一考试大纲,为考生的复习指明方向。考生们可以关注本微信,将会及时为大家更新推送最全的艺考资讯。   第三阶段   时间:2017年1月-3月   事项:单考院校考试 艺考成绩与和合格证查询   要领:2月份各院校单独考试将陆续进行。想报考全国81所独立设置的本科艺术院校的考生,还要在统考基础上,参加该院校的单独专业考试。录取时,不同专业的录取原则不尽相同。   第四阶段   时间:2017年4月-5月   事项:文化课冲刺   要领:文化课是艺术生的软肋,同时也是艺术高考中最为重要的环节,当今,高校艺术类招生对文化课要求逐渐提高,如何应对连年增长的艺术类文化课分数,成为艺术生必须面临解决的重要问题。   第五阶段   时间:2017年6月   事项:高考   要领:高考期间保持一颗平常心最为重要,通过各阶段的复习,知识巩固,到高考这个阶段学习的进步空间已经很小,通过适当的放松和梳理,调整自己的心态,或许能够更好地发挥自己的水平。   第六阶段   时间:2017年7月-8月   事项:高考录取   要领:在7月份,各地录取分数线陆续公布。 》》更多“山东高考”新闻请点击:2016山东高考网上高招会《《相关的主题文章: