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The brother was questioned by the complaints and dragged his way to the women’s 50 meters away – Beijing the day before yesterday afternoon, in the vicinity of the Dongfeng Road West of Yunnan Art Theater, played a dispute a brother and a female passenger. The taxi driver’s driving brother dragged nearly 50 meters, until the woman was thrown off the taxi fell to the ground, the brother did not stop, but the car sped away. Yesterday, the 43 year old Ms. AI also lying in the hospital, his head was injured, there are obvious scratches on his arm. She said, yesterday at 3 o’clock, she will take a taxi from the hotel to meet the new village, the way she thought the brother was in the car on his way to call the taxi telephone complaints, which caused dissatisfaction with the brother. Ms. AI said, brother subsequently received a taxi management office telephone. Pick up the phone, began to scold her, said she did not. Car to the Yunnan Art Theatre, the brother simply stopped the car, did not go. Ms. AI asked to go to the taxi management office. Taxi driver after getting off, Ms. Chanraa got out of the car. After that, the two sides deadlocked for several minutes. Ms. AI was in front of the car. After one or two minutes, see brother forced to leave, Ms. AI caught the door copilot, then dragged. Video taken from witnesses to see, Ms. AI was dragged, fell to the ground. Witnesses said Mr. Ma, see someone injured, they called the police. Kunming City Taxi Management Office official said, in the afternoon have received the complaint, because drivers, they are in contact with the driver, for further verification. Currently, the Wuhua police and traffic police two brigade has been involved in the investigation. Reporter Xiong Bo comprehensive city bar spring city evening news相关的主题文章: