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The central hall of the king, carving art peak work – Sohu opened as a historical and cultural tourism is very splendid ancient capital of eight dynasties, there are places of historic interest and scenic beauty kaifengfu,, long Ting, Yang warrior, Bao temple, the Qingming River park…… A well-known, famous China seas, but the exquisite construction of Chongqing, sail that Shanshaangan guild hall is open architecture of the outstanding representative, especially inside the wood, brick and stone, magnificent and beautiful, exquisite and gorgeous, gorgeous and matchless is Art beats nature! The Guildhall was built in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong, originally called Shanshan hall, Shanxi, Shaanxi province two brigade Kaifeng Merchants Association hall, and Gansu businessmen to join the Guangxu Dynasty, which was renamed Shanshaangan guild hall, is a local merchants and wealth gathered. Hall is not too big, but a lot of the sculpture (wood carving, stone carving, stone carving art is as the acme of perfection). During the walk, the building looks magnificent, a richly ornamented building Yong Ronghuagui, also can feel the rich merchants and craftsmen in the high technology. Shanshaangan guild hall carved the highest artistic achievements and largest, the largest number when belongs to wood carving. The woodwork every building, especially under the roof truss, Fang, Dougong, QT, baffle, vertical columns, generally have wood carving decoration. There are many themes from the woodcarving Hall three stories, sing the praises of public morality and sentiment, the full expression of the guild masters worship Guan Gong mood (as Guan Gong is their fellow Shanxi). Bell Tower and Drum Tower the architrave is covered with flat shallow relief woodcut size 48 pieces. The positive Ming architrave is a cut "Guan Cai Yang". Cursory board arch four downstairs on the corner, to draw the 8 story mural: "hang Guan seal gold" and "," Sangumaolu "and other ancient healing. These wood composition concise, simple method, a few people, their identity and personality, behaved most incisive. The archway behind the main hall is the clubhouse of the main building, very solemn, magnificent, is the woodcarving decoration of the most concentrated and most beautiful place. The main hall of the peach tip beam head tiger mask relief, all playing head carved dragon head, hanging flower fall, around a total of 26, all hollow engraved with pumpkin, sunflower, pomegranate, fruit, lotus, grapes and other multi seed plants, symbol of fruits, many sons, to wish people. Skilled knife slender, exquisitely carved, and vivid, pomegranate open with beads, crystal dripping grape. Two layers of brackets under the eaves, with the upper truss Fang decorated with twined peony, melon arch and arch eye plate all decorated with the bat on the cloud, meaning everywhere is a blessing. With the dough plate volume grass grain pattern, down into two areas. The lower part is five foot brackets, sit bucket, melon arch and arch eye plate engraving all kinds of flowers, such as litchi, citrus, peach, pine, bamboo, plum, orchid etc.; birds have cranes, egrets, tits, quail, duck, various ruishou, kylin, elephants, horses, deer, sheep, monkey etc.. Play on both sides of the head are decorated erlongxizhu together. Sit below the wide flat Fang Dou, decorated lotus, sunflower, chrysanthemum, and crane, waterfowl during play. The next layer is the architrave, about a foot in a wide screen carved with eye-catching, Phoenix peony groups. Phoenix wings to fly, dragon clouds.相关的主题文章: