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The child is still small, need to "see the world"? Author | – Sohu maternal rain Faye said kaishushuo Kay Kay uncle uncle, my child is too timid, how can he outside exercise? Kai TERT, my child how to practice more timid? How to let the child a little outward? Not every child should have an outgoing personality. Even if the courage is a good thing, but the courage is really out of practice? Emboldened behind, in fact, need a strong sense of security as a support. Regardless of the consequence push the child to go outside to see the world "," practice courage ", instead brutally destroyed the children have poor sense of security. Dare not to practice more small? This article is in fact on how we should let the children see the world, how to help children open our hearts. A few days ago by chance at a dinner party, a little girl has been silent dinner. The girl looks like six or seven years old, to eat vegetables to eat, but not a big mouth, the plate will not take the initiative to pick up the dishes or with dad said. During the meeting, many people with children to find topic chat, the children nodded or only a few simple words to respond. The child’s father several times to tell the children how to answer these questions uncle aunt said, let the children to a simple self introduction, but invalid, the little girl was unfailingly. Finally, the child’s father can only be embarrassed to explain: the child is a little introverted, often do not take him to this occasion, but also from the old man over there to pick up." The original father and mother of the child has been working in the city, but because of the pressure of life is relatively large, so the child was born not long, it was sent to his grandparents home to bring. Now the standard of living has improved a little, the child is also in primary school, the couple received the child. The thought that from then on to a family reunion, live a happy life, but found that the children have been unfamiliar to them, and it is difficult to adapt to the city. The father said, when the children arrive, even the road is not over, do not know how to open home smart TV, do not know how to tell the friends around. So now every time go out to try to bring her, that is, the child can see more strangers. See the world it’s really anxious not I can feel the father helpless and distressed, their child is six years old, but not into their city, he worried that the children have been so, be bullied, be a problem, so hurry to let the children to make a change. In recent years, the total price of the so-called EQ also improve classes, classes, class ladies interview, blind texunban, exposed by the media. I have heard of a special training class for primary school students, charging a lot of money, a week, will teach children equestrian, golf and Western etiquette and the like. It is said that each places full, many parents are welcome. The parents for the reason is basically is to let the children learn to see the world. But to tell the truth, see the world this kind of thing, really not urgent. China -相关的主题文章: