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The collapse of more than 600 pounds a little flash broken 1.20 aunt may eat the weight of "hard off Europe"? British Prime Minister Teresa · Mei released overnight U.S. weekly jobless claims dropped nearly 43 year low beyond all expectations, the dollar index rose significantly more than 60 points, the pound against the dollar exchange rate depreciation near about 1% to 1.26 mark. Friday (October 7th) in early trading in Asia, the market for the United Kingdom, hard off Europe panic spread further, the pound against the U.S. dollar suddenly collapsed, drama diving more than 600 points, the lowest intraday breakdown of the 1.20 integer mark. GBPUSD traded at $1.2397, or 1.74% days. Specific data GBPUSD 15 minute chart of American economy in the three quarter ended the U.S. Labor Department announced that as of October 1st week, the U.S. jobless claims actually recorded 249 thousand, lower than the expected value of 256 thousand and the previous value of 254 thousand people. The figure hit a new low of nearly 43 years, greatly contrary to market expectations, the Fed’s interest rate hike in the year and therefore greatly enhance the probability. The United States and the first half of the data around the moving average, according to the latest federal funds rate futures prices show that the Fed rate hike in December reached nearly 64%, compared with the previous trading day up nearly 4 percentage points. DailyFX, a New York based exchange rate analyst at Christopher , said: "the unemployment rate hit a new low of years, and it looks like the US economy is perfect at the end of the three quarter." British EU immigration control did not discuss? Sterling investors are most worried about is that the British government may be in the process of starting the European Union after the removal of the EU to give priority to a significant tightening of immigration. British Prime Minister Teresa ·, Mei on Wednesday (October 5th), said she hoped that the United Kingdom within the EU to retain the maximum free trade space, but the United Kingdom will never give up the control of immigration. According to Oliver Wyman (Oliver  Wyman) report released on Wednesday that, if the British led the British "hard off Europe" tough stance pursued in the process of negotiations, there will be a situation that the British left Europe’s single market, 27 countries will put up trade barriers in Britain; British Mandatory immigration control, including the implementation of strict control of the 27 members of the European union. At present, the EU nationals in the UK is about 3 million. In this case, the UK financial sector may lose up to 43 billion 200 million euros, the British financial industry will lose up to 75000 jobs. Relative to the hard off Europe in terms of the so-called soft off Europe for the British economy may cause much less impact. The latter refers to the United Kingdom to retain a single market in the European Union to retain some of its own trade rights, but in the labor policy of their own, London must give concessions to Brussels. Teresa · plum also promised at the conservative annual meeting that her government would develop a policy that would benefit the labor class and build a fairer uk. She believes that the European Union reflects the labor class for the elite and the rich show dissatisfaction, so the government will strive to protect employment, and repair free market. Her commitment is to break with the policies of the former Cameron. Teresa &m)相关的主题文章: