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The core of apple and the EU Sike "tax avoidance" of responsibility: image – Sohu technology Sohu Wenwang Xue Ying technology recently, the European Union and apple once again because of "tax" into contradictions. However, this seemingly caused by war of money, some ulterior motives that. For a long time, the EU has been because of Ireland’s "tax cuts" to the apple brood on, offered a $14 billion 500 million ticket for Ireland, has become the largest one case of the EU governance domestic enterprises suspected of tax evasion. In response, the Irish government said it would appeal the ruling. Apple CEO Cook is directly pointed out that the core of the contradiction, in the final analysis is not an argument whether Apple should pay more taxes, but in the debate who should pay tax on apple". Apple’s brand image is the image of Cook in the war to protect: it is not about the interests and money, and whether it will be regarded as "bad" bad guys. As the saying goes, money can solve the problem is not the problem, especially in this tug of war. "Profit sharing between countries," Cook wants to make apple more friendly, courteous, and more popular. Therefore, from come out gay, to enable the green apple logo to promote environmental protection, led by Apple’s Cook began to abandon the original focus on products and special effects, and slowly upgrade attention to privacy, moral concern. It wants to convey the idea to the outside world, that is, apple wants to do is to create a better society, with a better product lit life". In response to the EU’s punishment, there are foreign media that Cook feeling more than but not sentimental: "apart from the obvious (that) for apple, the decision for the entire European investment and business caused by the shadow". For ordinary consumers, this is nothing more than a transnational dispute, even just a bureaucratic competition. For apple, however, it is a matter of the ultimate image.相关的主题文章: