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Corn is genetically modified crops to shovel, "turned" the original title: corn is genetically modified crops to shovel, "turned" Author: Wang Shichuan Shaanxi corn shovel event, should become a turning point of transgenic science, and consider how to legitimately speed GM crops variety examination and approval, scientific research, achievements and building regulations. According to reports, the Shaanxi province Jingbian County, 4000 acres of genetically modified corn, when maturing was forced to uproot them, because of containing genetically modified ingredients these "seed corn" in the male. It is understood that the local government to guarantee farmers compensation 1400 yuan per mu, but the villagers think the compensation is too small. The corn harvest in sight has been eradicated, but really. In this case, there are no winners — the loss of government compensation, seed merchants could not escape the law. If you start to get stuck points, not to contain genetically modified maize from the diaspora would not. Ex ante regulation is worth after eradication, it is repeated ten thousand times too much. From the view of jurisprudence, the eradication of behavior right and proper — this year, since January 1st the implementation of the new "seed law" stipulates that "selection, testing, validation and promotion of genetically modified plant varieties should be evaluated for safety, and take strict security control measures". At the same time, genetically modified crops in China approved safety certification although there are cotton, rice and corn and cotton and papaya papaya, but only allow commercial cultivation. Based on this, the local farmers planting genetically modified corn is indeed illegal, at least not compliance, the government forced to eradicate understandable. It’s just a way, but it’s not the only way. Genetically modified corn without a birth certificate, does not mean that they must be harmful. Relevant experts also said that the export of genetically modified corn varieties on the market should be safe, after the assessment of the safety of institutions at home and abroad, people do not have to worry too much about safety issues. Since it may be safe, whether you can first corn safety testing, and then consider a smaller loss of treatment? Jump events in Yulin, we need to ask is, on the one hand, there is no need to worry about security, because the hand is not approved only "hidden in purdah", how to resolve this contradiction? First of all, of course, from the perspective of the development of genetically modified crops, and in terms of research, assessment, and regulations to accelerate the progress of construction. There are reports that the production of 2010-2011 in the year, the total production of about 338751 tons of corn in the valley, about 73% of which are genetically modified maize. Thus, transgenic corn is not great scourges. In fact, our research is not lagging behind. On the day before, academician of Academy of engineering, Chinese transgenic major projects "chief engineer" million in Jianmin said, transgenic technology system (including technology and breeding), Chinese at the world level of second, behind the United states. How to change the technological advantages into a resource advantage, and ultimately into a reality of the harvest, the need for public opinion and scientists to achieve reconciliation, but also need to steadily promote the functional departments in accordance with the law. Currently, the Ministry of agriculture on the attitude of genetically modified crops are: positive research, careful promotion, according to the law, strengthen supervision. Correspondingly, the society of Hao相关的主题文章: