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College-University In the academic community, seminars are important events. New information on a variety of seminar topics is shared, enriching both the attendees and the one giving the seminar. For students this can be a good event to interact with people who are experts in the fields they are studying on. For the one giving the seminar, this will be an opportunity to have ones voice, opinions and expertise heard. Thinking up of seminar topics to discuss isnt really difficult especially if you care passionately about your particular field of study. Actually the challenge lies in making your seminar interesting and full of updated information that will keep your audience glued to their seats and eager to know more about your point of view. The field of engineering in general is particularly competitive since it is full of intelligent and naturally inquisitive people. It is important that the content of your seminar is up to date, have a fresh angle to present, and will intrigue this group of natural problem solvers. Luckily, getting that kind of content is not difficult anymore. You can supplement your personal research with content from various online sources that will give you the latest information and discoveries related to a wide variety of seminar topics in specific fields in engineering. One good source is the published journals of engineers and scientists. You can subscribe to these scientific documents for free if you sign up in their website. Some of the scientific publications will however charge a small subscription fee. Another source of topics and information are the websites of Ivy League universities. Some of them post the course content of past semesters as open course share wares. The course content is comprehensive as they already include lecture notes, assignments and solutions, project examples, exams and solutions, online textbooks, and even multimedia content. In both these instances, the information is so vast and can actually overwhelm a researcher. There are hundreds of papers you have to read and wade through filled with raw data that you will have to wade through in order to find something that will be of particular use to you. If you have limited time to prepare your seminar, you may not be able to go through everything and take out the necessary information you will need to spice up your seminar presentation. In this case, there are websites that will fill in your need. These sites already have ready-made seminars in almost all topics, including engineering. All you have to do is choose a seminar closest to the topic you are presenting. Then you download the seminar, study all the data, and extract those that are relevant to your discussion. After that, you can now prepare your presentation such that the downloaded seminar and your own research are seamlessly integrated. Just what are the engineering topics that these seminars cover? You will be glad to know that almost every field in engineering is represented. If you are going to have a seminar on air and space travel, there are seminars on Aeronautics and Astronautics. If you are going to discuss on the cutting-edge industries of nanotechnology and biotechnology, just download the ready-made courses on Biological and Chemical Engineering. If your seminar delves on public infrastructure, environmental remediation, and sustainable solutions, you can consult the courses on Civil and Environmental Engineering. Seminars on Electrical and Computer Engineering are also available online if you will deliver a talk that deals on the latest innovations in these fields. Other engineering fields with seminars that you can access and get ideas from are Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Science Engineering, Robotics, and Product Development Engineering. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: