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The focus of overseas Chinese media executives in Yichang: when the "matchmaker" promoting "marriage" – Beijing, Beijing, September 19 Yichang Xinhua (reporter Guo Xiaoying) "the picturesque Jiangcheng, Xiao Shan at the sky." 19, Argentina, "new world weekly" President Qiu Zhengyu to describe the first impression of Hubei, Yichang, with verses of Li Bai. In the afternoon, five continents, 19 countries, 29 overseas Chinese media executives arrived in Yichang interview, investigation. Yichang municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Minister Liao Dafeng introduction, Yichang has a long history and culture, is the world’s largest water conservancy project – the location of the Three Gorges Dam, known as the world’s hydropower. After Gezhouba Dam and the two Gorges project development opportunities, Yichang is to seize the opening up and development of the central and western regions and the construction of the new urbanization third opportunities for development, accelerate the construction of "big and strong, very special beauty of the modern city, to assume the historical responsibility of Three Gorges regional revitalization, service development and opening of the Yangtze river. Liao Dafeng said that overseas Chinese media is not only to understand the overseas Chinese readers an important platform for Chinese and world events, but also China culture and various cultural exchanges and integration of the bridge and the link, we look forward to the event, and the overseas Chinese media to further consolidate the sublimation of friendship, friendship, exchanges and cooperation more widely and deeply the." Qiu Zhengyu said, Yichang has a long history, gathering of talents, beautiful scenery, not "pleasant city prosperity" reputation. Yichang city after the modern concept of promoting green development, ecological priority, production integration of the city, urban and rural development, city people together, sharing the wisdom of personality, inclusive of green development path, its admirable foresight. Overseas Chinese media executives in Hubei organized by Chinese news agency, Hubei aims to speed up the pace to go out, foreign propaganda and the show in Hubei, Hubei and other places in the world to build Chinese media communication platform. The event started in September 15th, a total of 19 countries from the five continents of the Chinese media to participate in the 29. At the event, with a delegation of Wuhan, Xiangyang, into the Wudang Mountains, witnessed new vitality in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River Hubei city cluster burst, the feeling of Optics Valley, the city car, cloud computing and other industrial clusters of vitality. Yichang is the last stop of overseas Chinese media executives in Hubei activities, the delegation will visit the Three Gorges Dam, Dangyang, Yichang district and other places interview, fully enjoy the Yichang landscape humanities charm, and the magnificent blueprint of Three Gorges Economic Circle and good prospect. Qiu Zhengyu said that overseas Chinese media will use their own media platform, tells the story of Hubei to the world, the spread of Hubei sound, and music as "matchmaker", to provide quality information services to Hubei investment and the overseas compatriots, Hubei and other countries in the world exchanges and cooperation "matchmaker", "promoting marriage". (end)相关的主题文章: