The forgotten beauty & nbsp; darren hayes

The forgotten beauty of & nbsp; Zhou Tianna and Tina Chow may now be not what not name, but about forty years ago, her aura let such a cultural difference of the East and the West are one of the earthquake. She always seems so casual, even her beauty is casual, like what to do, be like what have come in handy. A popular story is very wide in "Brigitte Lin Yi Shu wrote," really terrible episode in this article: "a few years ago in the peninsula lobby to meet Zhou Tianna, stunning must fall down to the chin was not easy to soul body, patted his chest said:" fortunately, we have Brigitte Lin." According to Yi Shu described his words "I have seen the beauty of it, not less, can make see all amazing to strong wind and big waves jaw drop, as can be imagined Zhou Tianna’s beauty and grace. Deng Xiaoyu in an interview "outside" published in the journal described Zhou Tianna as "delicate, beautiful, handsome," when her color is only half breed might have eyes to when you look, you will understand what is the aura". Zhou Tianna is mixed. But although she has a Chinese surname, but no Chinese descent. Father Walter E.Lutz was a German born American soldier who met Zhou Tianna’s mother Mona Lutz when he was stationed in japan. Zhou Tianna was born in Ohio, my father retired, become the focus on Japanese bamboo, rattan artist, also opened two stores. When I was 15 years old, the family returned to Japan, Zhou Tianna began a modeling career by his mother as a broker, a famous advertisement is the endorsement of dual-use powder Shiseido sports series. Unfortunately, at that time, the mainstream of the Japanese aesthetic, and the beauty of the angular Zhou Tianna does not match. But she soon met his horses, designer and illustrator Antonio Ló PEZ, he took her to Paris, a beautiful, with obvious traces of Asian face to make her become a superstar in the fashion circle. She kept her hair from first to last, painted red lips when charming boy, like the look of melancholy without makeup, the two look from her eyes misty aura. Not long after Europe, Zhou Tianna and Michael Chow married. Zhou is a famous Beijing Opera Chinese all the second son of Zhou Xinfang, 60s in London, Knightsbridge opened the first high-end restaurant "Mr. Chow". Their combination made Zhou Tianna, who had no Chinese origin, a Chinese surname. When Zhou Yinghua was young, well dressed and open sports car business small, when Grace Coddington interviewed his ex-wife had inadvertently (perhaps intentionally) said: "together in my home and week are filled with something kitchen and the restaurant, not art, it seems to imply that the week good for Giorgio Armani to Chinese design store taste is made, but anyway, Zhou Yinghua’s three marriage show week mate choice the best taste (his third wife is Korean designer Ev相关的主题文章: