The Hongkong Legislative Council election settled in the new network will counter the U.S. intervent

The Hongkong Legislative Council election settled in the United States will intervene in the election – back Beijing [Global Times reported] the Hongkong Legislative Council election settled, but the opposition media together with the Congress of the United States, some attempts to discredit Hongkong election events to make a fuss, electoral system. According to Hongkong, "Wen Wei Po" 11 reported that the U.S. Congress and the Executive Committee Chinese (CECC) 10, in response to opposition media inquiries in Hongkong said in a statement, expressed concern about Hongkong’s recent election events. Committee chairman Smith called Hongkong before the election, "to cancel candidate qualifications, threatening the US Congress will continue to monitor the Hongkong democratic process, and guarantee freedom of autonomy. In this regard, the Hongkong SAR government reiterated that the government has been held in strict accordance with the public elections, to ensure that the election is open, fair and honest manner, that foreign parliament should not interfere in the internal affairs of Hongkong. Lu Wenduan, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPPCC National Committee criticized the United States is completely double standards, particularly strict for others, but their so-called democracy has not been resolved. During the period of the British Hong Kong, Hongkong was fully intervened by the United Kingdom. When did the United States give an opinion?" NPC deputy Lu Ruian criticized the U.S. Congress’s opinion is completely China intervention and Hongkong’s internal affairs, "the United States manage themselves, in the current presidential election is good, and it has nothing to do with the internal affairs of Hongkong". He said, Hongkong is very complex, outsiders don’t know, you should not say, "because if you know, they wouldn’t say so". (Ye Lan)相关的主题文章: