The Jiangling Yu wins S330 memory, stay in the castle in the summer! – Sohu

The Jiangling Yu wins S330 memory, stay in the castle in the summer! Sohu vehicle on a late summer morning, sitting on the bus, the scenery is quiet and peaceful, at 10 o’clock in the morning the sun makes people feel comfortable. We left the bustle of the city, along the high-speed road to Miyun Daguang zhangyuai castle, the one I want to go away, will miss the place. Parking lot to reach the castle will see a row of Yu Sheng S3, look also really a little dazzling riotous with colour. Than its big brother S350 brother S3 more young movement, a vigor faction urban youth sports fan. In fact, Jiangling Yu Sheng S3 is produced in second SUV, China Yu Sheng S350 has been listed for some years. But according to the leaders at the meeting to explain Jiangling Yu Sheng S3 said, but pouring their all, the intention to create a SUV, it is with the world’s leading suppliers of turbo, Honeywell, Ford six speed manual gearbox, the gearbox also equipped in the Mondeo and maverick the 1.5T engine models, with reference to Ford’s research and development process. In quality control seems to be more confident, because the Ford global supplier of Jiangling rules and quality control system, the quality of the car to control or great experience. The vitality of urban school sports fan is called the Yu Sheng S3 in Yan value was expected. Dazui grille with both sides of the C daytime running lights, a glance at the front is very tasty. Low matching models are far and near light halogen lamps. Yu Sheng S3 front side of the body two slightly upward waistline has been extended from the front to the rear of the car, the tail of a thick chrome front echoed yu. Yu Sheng S3 adopts the design of floating roof, young movement style had been sketched out. The chrome trim is connected to the rear light, pulling the vehicle’s visual width. Even if the location of the city SUV, it can not be less control. Yu Sheng S3 is equipped with 1.5T engine and six speed manual gearbox. The 1.5T engine in many domestic compact SUV is the mainstream configuration, the maximum power kW, maximum torque Nm, the data do lead to the same level of the lot, the actual driving, the maximum torque appears in the 2000rpm, in order to get more power, must be willing to step on the accelerator. At the time of the test section has many detours and climbing, Yu Sheng S3 in the face of some climbing speed will decline somewhat, but for the bend, side support suspension is very good, very steady cornering, even if the big bend also will not let you feel too much side, some potholes, can filter out the chassis excessive vibration, which is very satisfactory. While the normal driving, the transmission of the file and downshift is also more active. The core of visible Yu Sheng S3 is comfortable home. Personally think that the interior is Yu Sheng S3 highlights, the console is the whole package of soft material, the middle is the imitation of carbon fiber materials, the lower part is a hard plastic interior, the overall look simple and concise, interior various corners of, not particularly obvious gap, the interior is visible under the martial arts. The whole system comes standard with eight inch touch.相关的主题文章: