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The Lakers will wake up 14+4+2 1 waste half war rhythm back position The path winds along mountain ridges.? Nick Young? Sina sports news Beijing time on October 10th, NBA preseason, the Losangeles Lakers beat the Nuggets 124-115. The Lakers flank Nick Yang Shoufa played 32 minutes, 8 to 5, three points of 5 shots, scored 14 points, with 4 rebounds and 2 steals. Nick Young was a very good scorer, and was once a high hopes for the lakers. But in the Byron Scott era of the Lakers, Nick Yang experienced the worst occupation career, his attitude is often the criticism of Scott, the final result is Nick Young gradually fade out the Lakers roster. At the same time, rumors about his trade continue to emerge. However, with Luke – Walton became the coach of the Lakers, Nick Young’s fate ushered in some turning point. This year’s Lakers preseason, Yang did not get the opportunity to play. Second Lakers home to play the Nuggets, Nick – Yang substitute for 10 minutes, his performance was good, two points scored in the 4 vote in 6. After the game, Nick Yang’s performance won praise from Walton. Nick is great." Walton said, "he gave us some points, and help us to open the space, this is what I have been trying to achieve something. He hit some shots for us." All along, Nick Yang’s defense has been questioned, Scott has repeatedly publicly criticized Yang’s defense, but Walton believes Yang has the ability to contribute to the defensive side. "Occupation career, when Nick put defense, he can become a great defender of the ball, he can defend multiple positions." Walton said. Obviously, Walton Young’s praise is not polite. Today, the Lakers and Nuggets Game, Nick Yang directly into the starting lineup, and Nick – Yang did not live up to the trust of Walton. Today, the game, Yang is one of the best players in the Lakers, he played 32 minutes, the 8 vote in the 5, three points in the ball in the second vote in 5, get a score of 14. As a scorer, Nick Young was able to hit the ball and open the space for the lakers. The defensive end, Yang is also very active, the audience send 2 steals. In the past two years, the Lakers have been trying to trade Nick Young, but because of Nick Yang’s performance on the pitch and off the field factors, so he can not be traded. While the outside world are looking bad Nick – Yang career prospects, he began to usher in a turnaround in the Lakers, and Luke – Walton’s office has a great relationship. Prior to the interview, Walton repeatedly stressed that he has not yet determined the Lakers starting lineup for the new season, so he will try to adjust the lineup through pre-season, which means that he will visit all the Lakers players. From the first three preseason games, Walton gave Nick Young the opportunity to play, and Nick Young seized these opportunities, and gradually won the trust of Walton. If you can continue to maintain such a state, Nick Yang in the Lakers’ fate may really be a major turnaround. (Rosen)相关的主题文章: