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The Lan Xiang School of artificial intelligence to the teacher! No longer need to take supervision – Sohu technology start-ups launched management arm of AI in June this year, can command a robotic arm and operation of multiple 3D printer. As a high hopes to 3D printing technology into the pipeline project, the AI in November brought $2 million in seed money for the company, the investor is True Ventures. AI is suitable for all kinds of mechanical arm, the user does not need to buy their own equipment (from website) the need for "class" of AI although 3D printing speculation in recent years but its operation raise a Babel of criticism of, or not very friendly, is only the process of operation will take several hours to print. For example, printing a small item with a ready-made model takes 5 hours and requires researchers to operate from time to time. The process is accompanied by unbearable noise. The mechanical arm is the problem, they only can be a same action repeated countless times, but can not tolerate different action. from AI can help you to "discipline" these arms. Through the device integration device provided by, the user can connect the original mechanical arm, mechanical clamp and camera. Then install the camera to the top of the mechanical arm, then the mechanical pliers can be used. device integrator subsequently, the user can be on the app AI Education: through the camera pointed out that the manipulator needs to operate, enter the operating mode. For example, in the 1 printer motor circular button, and then the number 2 machine will turn clockwise clockwise button 30 degrees. After graduation, AI can operate more than and 10 3D printers through a mechanical arm, you can save a lot of labor costs. Even better, AI doesn’t just know how to perform and manipulate user education, it can also "understand" the information. After learning the basic operating information, the AI will operate the information of different machines in the common library. Subsequently, the user may only need to tell where the power switch, and then AI will know how to think about the rest of the. What does the $2 million seed fund mean? The investor True Ventures in the past and had a friendly cooperation experience, True Ventures Toni Schneider said: this project meets all of our requirements. We (and had a pleasant cooperation experience, and this product is really unique and innovative. It is often said to me that these robots are the future of the industry, but I will ask back, the small business to buy one, and then how many things can be done? But now this AI can be相关的主题文章: