The man left a Ma old drug, do not want to waste a friend to sell being sued-imjpmig

The man left a Ma old drug, do not want to waste a friend to sell charged drug, an original title: Ma old don’t want to waste a friend to sell prosecution net Zhuzhou March 29th news (correspondent Luo Qianni Luo Hui) friend Sun Cai (a pseudonym) for force (a pseudonym) is to buy drugs, drug force will be a Ma old body the rest is sold at the price of 50 yuan. Sun only after smoking, watching TV in the room two people were seized by police. In March 27th, the procuratorate of Tianyuan District of Zhuzhou prosecuted the armed force on suspicion of drug trafficking. In February 11th 3 pm, force met for a long time no see sun, two people came to the Tianyuan District, a hotel, chatted days, sun asked force could give him point ma. Force out of the room, in a circle in the hotel here, he thought of himself as a Ma old, I want to sell this grain. Back to the room, he told sun force, a Ma old to the price of 50 yuan adjustment. He used a bottle of mineral water and a straw made a simple drug tool, began to suck, after the two people in the room chat. Around 7 p.m., the police rushed to the room to capture sun and force. "This time I have been in rehab, don’t want to smoke, you want to get the rest of the Ma to sell it." The force for selling Magu three or four months ago from his friends to buy the price of 30 yuan, is the drug he did not want to waste, it is sold to the sun. Force confession, then sun just want him to suck two, he used the body uncomfortable, there is no suction. The crime of selling drugs to others by force violates the criminal law and should be investigated for the criminal responsibility for the crime of selling drugs. Sun was arrested after taking drugs and was being punished by public order.

男子戒毒时还剩一粒麻古 不想浪费卖给朋友被起诉 原标题:戒毒时还剩一粒麻古 不想浪费卖给朋友被起诉 红网株洲3月29日讯(通讯员罗倩妮罗辉)朋友孙才(化名)找武力(化名)买毒品,正在戒毒的武力就将身上剩下的一粒麻古以50元的价格卖出。孙才吸食完后,在房间看电视的两人被民警查获。3月27日,株洲市天元区检察院以涉嫌贩卖毒品罪对武力提起公诉。 2月11日下午3点左右,武力遇到了很久没见的孙才,两人来到了天元区某宾馆,聊了会天后,孙才问武力能不能给他调点麻古。武力出了房间,在宾馆下面转了一圈,他想到自己身上还有一粒麻古,就想把这粒卖出。回到房间后,武力告诉孙才,他以50元的价格调来了一粒麻古。孙才用房间的矿泉水瓶子和吸管做了一个简易的吸毒工具,就开始吸食,吸食完后两人在房间聊天。当日下午7点左右,民警赶到房间把孙才和武力查获。 “我这段时间一直在戒毒,不想再吸了,就想把身上剩下的麻古卖出来。”武力所卖麻古为三四个月前从朋友手中以30元的价格买入,正在戒毒的他不想浪费,就卖给了孙才。武力供述,当时孙才还要他吸两口,他假借身体不舒服就没有吸。 武力向他人贩卖毒品,其行为触犯刑法,应以贩卖毒品罪追究其刑事责任。孙才吸食毒品被查获后,正在接受治安处罚。相关的主题文章: