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The man suspected of false credit card bank that haven’t been to Hebei original title: suspected to be false to do credit card banks to prove that haven’t been to Hebei "Xi’an couple to purchase, there is a more than 1 yuan of bad debts the man’s name, this account is a 2013 in Hebei Shijiazhuang agricultural bank to apply for credit the card. However, the couple said they had never been to Shijiazhuang…… Mr. Kuang and Lee married, recently prepared to purchase real estate in the south of Xi’an. "Look at a set of 800 thousand yuan house, down payment of 200 thousand, the remaining mortgage to do the 600 thousand." Lee said that in September 11th they signed the purchase contract, the next day to check their credit records. "My name is rather baffling sum of 1 million yuan of bad debts. Credit record shows that credit card spending caused." Mr. Kuang said, "then I found this credit card is June 10, 2013, with my name in the Agricultural Bank of China Shijiazhuang Branch Dongcheng Branch of the east ring, in September of the same year by approving the issuance of credit card." "This credit card is not for me." Mr. Kuang suspected he had in 2012 lost ID card was fraudulent for a credit card. Yesterday, the China Daily reporter interviewed Mr. Kuang and Ms. Lee’s graduation certificate and a number of campus learning materials. In 2013, Mr. Kuang and Ms. Li both went to Xi’an Electronic and Science University. We were both students, and are not in Hebei, in June 10th the school did not leave, we can not be in Hebei." Even if that couple took the school teachers and students to write, that they were studying in the school, but the bank did not believe. "They want me to prove that I was not in Hebei on June 10, 2013." Mr. Kuang said, all over the past three years, there is no way to call records. I can’t really get what they call proof." Agricultural Bank of China Shijiazhuang Dongcheng Branch of communication and many times to no avail, the young couple preparing for Monday’s trip to Shijiazhuang and the bank to negotiate. Yesterday, the Agricultural Bank of China Shijiazhuang Branch East Ring Dongcheng Branch of the responsible person, is from the superior bank transfer data view which is part of the problem. The official said many times, and then meet to communicate. Now apply for a credit card is not only an identity card, but also must have a seal of the unit to prove the income, bank water, credit records and photos of the applicant." The responsible person said, this was how to apply the credit card down is not very clear. Shaanxi Yongjia law firm Zhang Xingmao said: "if the impersonation identity of Mr. Kuang to apply for a credit card, the bank can pursue lax review responsibility according to law." China Daily reporter Xie Tao editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: