The Ministry of Public Security more than 10 million yuan of major is Taiwan Telecom fraud group (vi-seaway

The Ministry of Public Security: more than 10 million yuan of major is Taiwan Telecom fraud group 129 telecommunications fraud suspects were brought back to the mainland from Armenia Chinese Taiwan 51 people 78 people, including the original title: how to be hundreds of millions of money taking cheated in December 2015, Construction Bureau of Guizhou Province, Tuyun City Economic Development Zone by criminals posing as Shanghai city procuratorate cheated 117 million yuan (the case has been broken). Telecommunications fraud often succeed behind, hidden in the fraud trick? Data in the past 10 years, China’s telecommunications fraud cases each year to the rapid growth of 20%-30%. In 2015 the national public security organs Kyoritsu telecommunications fraud cases since 590 thousand, an increase of 32.5%, resulting in economic losses 22 billion 200 million yuan. From January to July this year, the national total of telecommunications fraud cases from 355 thousand, an increase of 36.4%, resulting in the loss of 11 billion 420 million yuan. 2013 so far, the country has been cheated more than ten million yuan of telecommunications fraud cases 104 cases, more than one million yuan cases from 2392. Taiwan suspects confessed Criminal Investigation Bureau of Ministry of public security traffic dens located in Africa, the telecommunications network fraud is a non-contact crime, victims deceived are generally from receiving a call or message to. One end of the phone is the victim, the other is a well-organized, fine division of fraud gang crime. Jane is a Taiwan Taoyuan 77 telecommunications fraud suspects of April this year, the public security organs escorted back from Kenya. His gang will traffic dens in remote Africa, specifically for the masses, the implementation of fraud. "We are divided into one line, two lines and three lines." Jane a confession, they claim to be the company, the boss and the backbone of the members are Taiwanese, well-organized, clear division of labor. Frontline staff posing as a post office, courier companies, telecommunications companies; second officer posing as police officers; three line staff posing as the prosecutor or the financial department of the people; there are also responsible for recruiting staff, technical maintenance, fraud victim to obtain personal information. Police investigators, fraudsters through the network to change the phone number and contact the victim, show, government departments or public security organs of the telephone. Once the victim was lured to transfer funds to the bank account designated by the principal, gold (gang boss) on command in Taiwan "(" real water transfer funds to Pyramid dens), like layers of decomposition into several accounts through online banking organizations, a number of Taiwan drivers (the payee) in Taiwan crazy money. Get the money after the gold master in accordance with the agreed proportion of call dens, "water room" "driver" and "wages". Compared with the implementation of the criminals in overseas telecommunications fraud, China Telecom fraud crime officers are individuals or small workshops, some places to relatives and fellow relationship as a link, the formation of regional occupation crime groups. Ministry of public security data show that foreign telecommunications fraud is mainly the implementation of Taiwanese organizations, accounting for 20% of the total number of mainland Telecom fraud cases, the loss of 50%. More than 10 million yuan of major cases are Taiwan Telecom fraud group. Tsinghua Professor scam overseas phone number changing in landing incidence also showed increased deceptive criminals keeping social hot spots, designed to trick "script".相关的主题文章: