The New Zealand Maori across Fujian to find opportunities in new network

The New Zealand Maori across Fujian to find opportunities – China News Agency, Beijing in September 19 Jinjiang Xinhua (reporter Sun Hong) from the Pacific Ocean to the New Zealand Maori war dance, and the southern region Chinese unique pat chest dance "encounter", opened the international trade (Jinjiang) culture Maori prelude fair. The 19 day, nearly 20 New Zealand officials, embassy staff, and Maori culture experts, media, artists, entrepreneurs of the New Zealand delegation of Oakland in Fujian city of Jinjiang province to visit and seek opportunities for cooperation. Oakland is the largest city in New Zealand, it is also the economic center of the country, foreign trade, tourism and the gateway to the South Pacific transport hub. It attracts the world’s sailing enthusiasts, is the world’s highest proportion of private ships in the city, with the "sailing capital" reputation. At the same time, the gathering on the list of the New Zealand International livable city is the cultural city, save a large number of Maori and Polynesian historical relics. The New Zealand Maori affairs minister pita Sharples? Said, special industries and key enterprises to come to Jinjiang to negotiate the entrepreneurs mainly from New Zealand, including tourism, education, fisheries, food processing, navigation, hotel, catering, film and television media, creative industries and investment fields. These industries are very developed, and Jinjiang enterprises have great complementarity." Talk about the fair theme — "The Belt and Road, inclusive development, pita Sharples said," the Pacific Ocean? As a container, there are different countries including New Zealand and Chinese, we need to connect different countries." He believes that the "China Belt and Road Initiative" is a bridge to connect us, this is not only economic, it is culturally. Jinjiang is located in the southeast coast of Fujian Chinese, "Hester" starting point, is the famous hometown of overseas Chinese city, strong city, private economic zone. Standing in the new historical starting point, Jinjiang is actively integrated into the "The Belt and Road", and vigorously promote the "internationalization" strategy, speeding up the sports city construction, expanding opening up, look forward to cooperation and seek win-win. "What is more, Maori have special and deep origin and the people of Jinjiang, let us to the cooperation between the two countries is more full of hope, full of confidence." Liu Wenru, Secretary of the CPC Jinjiang Municipal Committee, told reporters that the fair is an important outcome of friendly exchanges between the two sides, but also opened a new path of economic and cultural cooperation between the two sides. After the opening ceremony of the international economic and Trade Fair held in the international economic and trade fair, the two sides introduced their respective economic development of the industry, a frank exchange, and reached a consensus on the cooperation. "New Zealand and Jinjiang, although far away, but the two sides frequent exchanges and cooperation, more and more people to Jinjiang tourism, international business, new zealand. In particular, Oakland, and Jinjiang in trade, industry, culture and other fields are highly complementary." Jinjiang mayor Zhang Wenxian said. Zhang Wenxian said that at present, Jinjiang is aimed at "internationalization of the innovative quality of the city", "The Belt and Road" seize opportunity, accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading, improve the level of internationalization. The two sides in the sports industry, the sea)相关的主题文章: