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Under Secretary General of the United Nations for Guterres: gratitude and humility (Figure) – Sohu news Guterres pictures. China News Agency, the United Nations website in the United Nations in October 6,   in the United Nations Security Council formally identified 6 will be recommended to the general assembly of Portugal’s former Prime Minister Guterres as the next Secretary General of the United Nations candidate, Guterres in Portugal Lisbon video speech, said he felt gratitude and humility". Two words to describe my feelings at this time is enough: gratitude and humility." Guterres published the video in four languages: fluent English, French, Portuguese and spanish. Guterres thanked the members of the Security Council on his trust, also thank the general assembly of the United Nations and all Member States to make this campaign transparent and open, also praised the other candidates for wisdom and ability and contribution to the United nations. "I was deeply touched when I saw that the Security Council was united and consistent and so quick to decide." Guterres said that in the face of so many difficult problems in the world today, he felt "humble". Guterres vowed to serve those who are most vulnerable: war conflicts, victims of terrorism, people who have been infringed, people in poverty, and victims of injustice. At the same time, Guterres also paid tribute to the United Nations staff and partners in the most dangerous areas. ‘I am not yet the Secretary General of the United Nations, and I would like to pay tribute to the current secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, and I hope all the member states of the United Nations will support him and draw a full stop for the last few months of his work, he said. According to Ban Ki-moon’s press spokesman, Mr. Ban Ki-moon has called to congratulate Mr. Guterres. "He’s an excellent candidate." Ban Ki-moon said.相关的主题文章: