The nineteenth Tangshan China Ceramic Fair opening (Figure) – China

The nineteenth Tangshan China Ceramics Expo opening (Figure) – in a new network for tourists are beautiful ceramics. Fu Lidong, photo Tangshan, September, 16 (Xinhua Baiyun water), 16, the opening of the nineteenth Tangshan China Ceramic fair. Chinese is known as the "northern porcelain" reputation of Hebei Tangshan together again the high-end ceramic products exhibition. It is understood that the fair total design standard booth 828, a total of more than and 300 domestic and foreign well-known ceramic brand exhibitors, involving a total of 292 exhibitors, exhibitors at home and abroad covered ceramic porcelain, building porcelain, sanitary porcelain, art porcelain and other ceramic varieties, forms complete, species diversity. Among them, Poland, Britain, Japan, Merrill Potter of Pomerania by agency and other international well-known brands of ceramic enterprises have exhibited its exquisite ceramic products. In addition, this Tao Bo masters gathered, 130 domestic and foreign ceramic master Wang Yijun, Li Jianping, Shao Pei, Bi Haibo national master, all articles works in the exhibition, showcasing the contemporary ceramic art high technology level and infinite charm. Tangshan is China ceramic resort, known as the "northern porcelain Chinese". Since 1998, Tangshan China Ceramic Fair has been successfully held eighteen sessions. The organizing committee, this exhibition will show the latest development of the world’s ceramic industry and the latest achievements of ceramic art. (end)相关的主题文章: