The penguin test what good will you meet in October

Penguin mother test: would you meet what good thing in the twinkling of an eye in October, we can name the name of the motherland birthday holiday. The autumn of October will officially debut. In a month like this, we can see the performance of October – in addition to believe, will encounter a lot of good work? If you want to know what good things will happen to you in October, then do the penguin test today, in case it is accurate? 1, what do you think is a necessary condition for a hero? Have to conquer woman’s appearance and character of 2 dragon Ao sky the same strength, see God kill God — turn 3 no matter at any time to revive the spirit of Jack Bauer turns 42, if can choose, you want to get what luck aura? Pick a prize to the jackpot fortune 4 halo — turn to see who is who is pregnant, even 5 dandy aura can throw the dice when Mongolia to multiple-choice examination in the upcoming 6 Halo – Desperate chance "There is a way out." halo — turn 73 this year, National Day. And what are you going to do? Travel, enjoy the beauty of the world, 5 in the home Study hard, ready for school after becoming Curve Wrecker – 6 mixed muddle along without any aim day, eat sleep all – around 74, you think, zodiac constellation, blood type, which is more credible? After all, this is the sign of a knowledge – 10 type, the fact that blood of different people, the character is indeed different, turn the 6 sign of the zodiac, which is the traditional culture of 7 are not letter to A5, if you can get a lifetime of good luck, you are willing to use what is the price? The most beloved memory — 6 minus 10 years of life — 8 lost some function – to 106, if you see my bestie all very mediocre Raiders actually a white Formica, your mood is? Happy for him, he must have to pay a lot of effort it – turn 8 envy jealous hate, with what, he has a halo? – type B7, said if fortune today should not go out, but you have something urgent, would you? Find a reason to leave at home all day, safety first – to 8 do not believe this evil, doing what, turn 9 I won’t see this kind of thing, and if you turn 118 fell in love with a girl, but the girl said there is a conflict, you will sign each other? Use the theory to explain to her, what is the sign of conflict — 9 feudal superstition is no nonsense, directly down, afterwards she wouldn’t think so – like type C feel justified, then break up — to 159, if you encounter a very unfortunate thing, will you? This depressed, feeling abandoned by the world – 10 that a blessing in disguise, rebound — to 11 — 1210, to see when you look at a book, you want it to be a comedy or tragedy? Comedy, who does not want to get happiness from the work – type D tragedy, so that someone will be worse than me – turn 11 bad – turn to 1211, what do you think the biggest challenge in October? The upcoming midterm exam or the pressure of the big task – turn 12 love or home?相关的主题文章: