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Travel-and-Leisure Whats Happening at Noord, Amsterdam? Previously, Noord or Northern Amsterdam was merely considered an industrial site but recently, there are many things happening to the area that has made it popular for tourists and locals alike. Where once it was just all ports and docks, now there are many architectural wonders and cultural diversities which are great sightsees via walking, biking or driving through its streets. Although it is still considered largely a quiet place, there are now many structures to entice the everyday tourist such as the Tollhouse Garden which has be.e an experimental artists hangout with a theatre, concert halls, a childrens art hall, a hip-hop school, a caf and a restaurant in its premises. Another great find is the Noorderlicht Caf, an all-glass restaurant and dome with a terrace just beside the River IJ which serves a hearty lunch and dinner for its guests. Those who want to see Noord and the rest of the Amsterdam skyline via boat should try the unique experience of the Pancake Boat where literally, the staff serves all-you-can-eat pancakes with different topping choices. Really, so many exciting things are happening and its time to just catch up on each one and visit Noord, Amsterdam! Learning the Ropes of Winemaking at the Amsteltuin Vineyard For those who want a day excursion in the country, escaping to the town next to Amsterdam, Amstelveen is a wonderful way to escape the busy lifestyle of the village. Amstelveen houses the only Dutch vineyard close to Amsterdam, the Amsteltuin Vineyards, which has wine-related activities such as workshops and wine courses. Request for a group tour in advance in order to see the full capacity of the vineyard. The grapes in the vineyard are still under experimentation as of now, conceptualizing which wine is best made with the grapes, so wine tasting sessions will have to be under special request. In the more warm-weathered months, one can enjoy a barbecue and buffet from the staff if wished. In the meantime, one can just sit back and relax on the different open patios and terraces with a wine in hand and the vineyard as the picturesque backdrop. Aside from being a vineyard, Amsteltuin has also been made into a care centre for the disabled. Transport Yourself around Amsterdam For tourists and travelers visiting Amsterdam, one will be glad to know that Amsterdam has user-friendly transportation services which allow even visitors to be self-sufficient when moving about. For one, even before getting to Amsterdam, one can already plan his or her trip and route by using their interactive map at their online website. The website gives out practical pointers such as which routes are the fastest to take and where else to go in Amsterdam. Theres also Arriva which is a public transportation service that has a fleet of buses, trains, taxis and coaches which allows one to go around at different parts of Amsterdam. Theres another service called Oostenrijk Touringcars which .bines the best of spontaneous travel and tour transportation and is best reserved at the earliest time possible. If you need to control your own time and itinerary though, then its best to rent a car, bicycle, scooter or even a boat for your purpose. Escaping for a day at the City of Alkmaar Like Amsterdam, the city of Alkmaar has so many beautiful sights to behold worthy of a day trip away from the more populous Amsterdam. Alkmaar is considered as the cheese capital of Holland and it has so many interesting sights to take in, apt for a day tour for more adventurous tourists. Different museums are found in this city of canals such as a Beatles Museum since John Lennons first guitar was made in this city, the National Beer Museum, City Museum of Alkmaar and of course, the Holland Cheese Museum. The cheese market in Waagplein has garnered in most of the visitors in Alkmaar, being its most popular attraction. The market is open every Friday from April to September, during which different cheeses are weighed for spectators. The buying isnt actually set in the market though although you can buy different kinds of specialized cheeses in the surrounding stalls after the ceremony. The city is one huge mall for shopping as different shops, boutiques, cafes quite unique from the typical Amsterdam gift shops are found here. After which, relax in their many open terraces and restaurants in the area. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: