The police have uncovered large pseudo base station fraud over thousands of people cheated more

The police have uncovered large pseudo base station fraud over thousands of people cheated more than 500 original title: Chongqing police have uncovered large pseudo base fraud case series more than 1000 people cheated more than 500 new network in Chongqing in October 9, (Hu Hongwei Liu Xianglin) reporter 9 from Chongqing Qijiang District Public Security Bureau was informed that the Council recently successfully cracked a large series of fraud pseudo base station fraud Gang case, destroyed 2 dens and arrested 11 suspects. Two gang fraud profit more than 500 yuan, involving more than 10 provinces and cities in the case of more than 1000 victims. Police said, in February 7th this year, the victim liaomou in highway toll station near Qijiang District, received a number display "95588" send SMS: "cash spree points to get your 698 yuan, please login to the XX web site exchange." After a website, according to the prompts to enter their own bank card number, password and verification code and other information. Liaomou after the completion of the operation, received a bank debit SMS 3199 yuan, then the police know the deceived. After receiving the report, Qijiang police immediately launched an investigation. By receiving the victims of fraud SMS search, the police clearly in the G75 high speed Qijiang service area next to the farm house has a pseudo base station, and through the landlord to determine the pseudo base station installation time and installation personnel characteristics. The police locked the installation pseudo base station criminal suspects Zou Mouliang, Wang Mouhao, to find the gang in Jiulongpo District of Chongqing G42 highway with another pseudo base station installation service area of the valley. Police through the inquiry Zou Mouliang, Wang Mouhao colleagues, found that a major crime suspects Wang Moujiang. After further work, the police initially identified by Lee, Wang Jiang led the fraud Gang, the victims of more than 500 people, located in Chongqing, Hunan, Hubei District, Sichuan, Anhui, Guizhou more than 10 provinces and cities, involving millions of yuan. After months of Mopai investigation, the police task force in Hunan, Yongzhou, Loudi and Hubei Wuhan 3 places at the same time, cheat successfully arrested 11 suspects, seized or frozen property more than 200 yuan, and seized the vehicle involved 2 units, more than 20 sets of mobile phone, computer 60, bank cards, and 9 sets of pseudo base station 15 sets of pseudo base components. After investigation, the police learned that, since October 2015, Lee, Wang Moujiang, Luo Moubing, Zhu Mouru invited Wang Mouhao to the pseudo base SMS fraud, Lee is also the technology to teach his father Li Mouguo. Li Mouguo also invited Lee, Zhu Moucai, Zhu Mouhong, Wang Moufang, Qiu to form a fraud gang. Zou, Lumou, xiaomou in repeatedly selling pseudo base station equipment to gang members, and for the installation of pseudo base station and provide technical support. Deadline was arrested, two gang fraud profit of more than 500 yuan, involving more than 1000 people, more than more than 10 provinces and cities. At present, the relevant suspects have Xingju, the case is still being investigated. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: