The price of gold is the winner when change radically-demonophobia

The price of gold is the winner of gold investment network change radically when the February 16th hearing, last week because of the global stock market shocks, the birth of hedging demand, the international price of gold rose, for four years the largest single week increase, the price of gold topped $1260.60 an ounce a year high. However, in the gold from January lows rose nearly $200, so far this year the price of gold has risen 15%, the face of deep callback, if the price of gold fell below $1190 an ounce, there may be further adjusted to $1150 an ounce. The American market is closed today because of President Washington, and the U.S. stock market is not open. European stocks rose nearly 3%, Asian stock markets also fell for the 5 consecutive day after stabilization, overnight China central bank again strengthen the RMB exchange rate, the risk will also chase the dollar against the yen and the euro up. Although recently the price of gold since the 1260 consecutive high stepped back has dropped more than $70, but there is no doubt that the current gold market trend is still a long dominated market has not changed, it needs to be clear. Technically, gold Daily yesterday continued downward daily closing big Yin, go through bearish form, with indicators also show the need for stepped back to do the adjustment of short-term technical indicators, continue to operate on the upper. 4 hours and 1 hours of morning out of the diving market crash, the bulls have been serious pressure, recently continue to see volatility adjustment, below the support to the interval of 1185-1181.50 days, the top concern 1198-1201-1203.50 interval resistance. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

黄金价格大起大落 坐怀不乱是赢家   金投网2月16日讯,上周因全球股市震荡,催生避险需求,国际黄金价格大涨,获得四年来单周最大的涨幅,黄金价格一度突破1260.60美元 盎司的一年高位。      然而,黄金在从1月的低点大涨了近200美元之后,截止目前为止,今年金价已累计上涨15%,面临深度回调,如果金价跌破1190美元 盎司,调整有可能会进一步到1150美元 盎司。   美国市场今天因华盛顿总统日休市,美国股市不开盘。欧股大涨近3%,亚洲股市也在连续5日下跌之后企稳,隔夜中国央行再度强化其人民币汇率,对风险的追逐也将美元兑日元和欧元推高。   虽近期黄金的价格连续自高位1260回踩已经下跌超过70美金,但毫无疑问目前的黄金市场大趋势仍是一个多头为主导的市场没有改变,这点需要清楚。   技术面上,昨日黄金日线继续下行日线最终收大阴,走看跌刺透形态,附图指标也显示需要回踩做技术指标上的调整,短期操作上继续以高空为主。   4小时和1小时上午走出跳水大跌行情,使得多头被打压严重,近期继续看震荡调整,下方支撑要去到1185-1181.50区间,日内上方关注1198-1201-1203.50区间阻力。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: