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The "Flying Tiger" brothers "big brother" – emotional tribute entertainment Sohu Click to view HD Photo       Sohu entertainment news "I called you brother for many years, I have been in your side. The time to accompany you to accompany you to retreat, joy bitter grief, love you every day ", Losangeles time on November 12th, Jackie Chan was awarded an honorary Oscar Award for lifetime achievement. Jackie Chan dressed in a Chinese style gown, holding two panda Doll "dragon", "Phoenix Phoenix", a China element. Holding the Oscar, Jackie Chan sincerely thank all the audience, and stand to continue to win glory for the Chinese film. As the first Chinese honored, Jackie Chan let the world once again remember the "Jackie Chan", but "big brother" has long been branded in the hearts of Chinese audience. The "Flying Tiger" director Ding Sheng personally adapted lyrics, and flying tiger team member Wang Kai, Wang Dalu, Wu Ping, Sang Sang this song in E & Y’s "big brother" as a gift, simple songs full of deep brotherhood. MV, shear mixing is not Jackie Chan wonderful neat action, those familiar with the scene and shot, one behind to see Jackie Chan is the classic action to try and fail, it is distressed. The memory of Jackie Chan brings more happiness. "Railway Flying Tiger" Jackie Chan and Huang Zitao, Wang, Wang, the joy of interaction is also the first exposure of the mainland, see the films have been filmed with a young heart of the struggle of the heart of the same as the more than and 100 films of the. The movie "thank you accompany me to grow up and then poke the point of tears, lead to a generation of people’s sympathy:" the first movie, the first movie movie for the first time to cry, laugh, remember the first actor name, is a man named Jackie Chan. Thanks to Jackie Chan’s brother for so many years to bring us joy and moved." Thick brothers love! Ding Sheng, Wang, Wang Kai adapted lyrics soulful singing tribute brother "this lifetime achievement award is Jackie Chan spelled a life, a boxing a punch out", with the audience of more than fifty years, but also in the audience with little step by step to become the most influential world Chinese movie star. In the hearts of the audience, Jackie Chan has not only a star, but also to become a loved one, a big brother. Huang Zitao, Wang Kai, the king of mainland China, said, "it is very kind to cooperate with his eldest brother, because we grow up with his company". The first "big brother", "thank you accompany me to grow up" immediately get a lot of users with emotion. These words from the sentence poke heart Ding Sheng directors. Director Guy could write so heartwarming lyrics, are also derived from life". "Railway Flying Tiger" is the third cooperation between Jackie Chan and Ding Sheng, no need to say more than a tacit understanding. "It was big brother who brought me into the movie from the advertisement, he also opened the film and television school, he made a lot of people, today gave him the deserved achievements, this is our flying tigers to send his gift". "I call you big brother for many years, I love you most of the light and electricity, every move, every time the excitement, I will miss." As the "Flying Tigers of the big brother, take care of everyone’s mood in the studio will." Ding Sheng director said, sometimes the weather is too cold, we are not high mood相关的主题文章: