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The revised 118 times behind the script, the tragedy is the marketing China movie dream this article reprinted from the WeChat public platform ", the" report "when the ferry" trailer out, also appeared to have the Zhang Jiajia micro-blog, is the head of this group of data: "three years of preparation, the 118 draft amendment, 70 words of the script shooting, ten months, more than and 20 stars engage in collective." When several figures were released, the mischievous friends invariably talk about the revised 118 draft of the script in their circle of friends or private micro-blog inside, but these words are not known by the public. What do the public need to know? May be hard and moving, positive energy and conscience. As Zhang Jiajia in "the ferryman" first conference as people face to one knee with Tony Leung to drink a toast; as he was when the ambulance emergency heart disease but also in the micro-blog on the forward prize; he read "in passing from your world" from next to Zhang Yibai told reporters as. This is Chinese ten years best love movie. May: when acceptance speeches are not in Oscar’s best screenplay winner said, the revised 118 draft script. What does this mean? Means not professional, out of control, but also means that a project sloppy and no direction. It’s like a face, passive 118 times a knife to cosmetic, finally wore unrecognizable appearance said bravely, I how beautiful and hard. Yes, it seems that no one will pursue the original face of the foundation in the end how bad. And why it is so bad that it will be selected for sale. Complain, a well-known industry heavyweights in private the 118 draft, either Party A or Party B is idiot, idiot is either. In this mood I come with backing, ask about these feelings data. From July 14th last year, announced the boot, to the middle of this year in the middle of the file out of promotional materials for the year of October. An urban love comedy actually takes ten months to shoot. Generally normal film shooting cycle will not be so long, the amount of the type of film is often compressed in just two months. Because the star time is too precious, the crew to feed so many people, so filming often work 10 hours a day is normal. So spend such a long time because the artisan spirit, working slowly and deliberately? There are many wonderful stories in the industry to answer this question. But no one is willing to publish, because of human and all the interests of the industry are more or less together, so we looked at the emperor’s new clothes, looking at something else, and not to utter a single word in silence. I can only provide a small details to be announced, at the time when the Spring Festival last year Carina Lau attended the event, spilling over the years, Tony Leung would also like to go to work, a remake of the ferryman. But the news was denied a remake of the film side. Chinese marketing tactics often make people feel fantastic, can confuse right and wrong. The overall error, making shooting disorder, confusion, and finally all the efforts and intentions can be used to cover up for their packaging, that show the buyer the seller sincerely shed tears of gratitude. Sadness is always the weak liar booster. The ferryman forward, is atop the flower is the Golden Rooster flowers Maiguai, said every one is hand相关的主题文章: