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Travel-and-Leisure Napa Valley has and will always be viewed as one of the most mystical and aesthetically pleasing areas for a vacation in the United States. We could talk about the hundreds of years of wine expertise or the countless awards that roll in every year, or we could speak of the beautiful scenery, the wonderful weather, the rolling mountains and endless wine groves. For everything Napa Valley has and will represent, this is the perfect place for a vacation. .mercial wine production dates as far back as the 19th century and is the lifeblood of the Napa Valley .munity, as countless international awards will testify. There are over 450 wineries located in the Napa Valley area, which is just over an hour drive from the metropolitan jewel of northern California, San Francisco. The weather is Mediterranean, the rolling mountains add to the horizon, and the endless vineyards make this the type of experience that you will not soon forget. The fact that TripAdvisor named Napa Valley ‘The World’s Best Wine & Food Destination’ in the annual travelers’ Choice Awards just last year is simply explaining to the world what those of us in the San Francisco Bay Area already knew. If you are in San Francisco, ordering a limousine to pick you up for a day long excursion to the middle of paradise is not a bad idea at all! In fact, a Napa Valley wine tour from San Francisco can be as quick as a few hours or a s long as you would like, and sipping a glass of Champagne on the way there while watch TV from the back seat of a stretch limousine might just be the perfect way to do it. (using a limousine will allow you to ride in style without having to hold yourself back from any of the festivities, it is the wine capitol of California!) Even if you are not in the San Francisco Bay Area, Napa Valley is a wonderful destination all on it’s own. A town doesn’t earn the right to be called the best destination for wine and food without years of consistency. If anything, being a consistently beautiful place to be is what stands out the most about Napa valley, even surpassing its world wide reputation for immaculate dining, world class wine, and picturesque landscape. The weather is nearly the same the entire summer as typified by the traditional warm breeze. If the same old Las Vegas forgettable has be.e your sickness, a Napa Valley wine tour might be just what the doctor ordered. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: