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The thief fled to avoid the police hiding in the distribution between 5 hours – Sohu JINGWAH News Times News (reporter Zhang Sijia) 3 September 15th morning, the 3 men to implement burglary in a district of Dongcheng District, the police found the 3 men, but the arrest of a man away, after the police for 5 hours and finally found hiding suspects in the distribution room. At present, the 3 suspects have been arrested for theft Dongcheng Branch of criminal detention. The 15 day at 3:40 in the morning, the East Branch of the police station donghuashi combat team captain He Shuwu found 3 suspicious men entered a door unit within the jurisdiction of a District 13 building. "The three man into the elevator when his hand over his face. This is to avoid the probe", said He Shuwu, the 3 man suspicious appearance and movements at this time, came to the district is definitely a casual visitor. At 3:50 in the morning, He Shuwu arranged in two police unit building entrance control, after police in the unit building door waiting downstairs to arrest suspects. About 4:40, the corridor came the sound of footsteps, waiting for the police arrested a suspect on the spot. He Shuwu said, the other two suspects found after police surveillance, immediately turn to escape, they both ran down the stairs. At this time, the police began to chase the two suspects, on the 2 floor will be one of the suspects, "because the suspect control slowed down the speed of the police hunt for suspects, another suspect fled, always ran upstairs". Police in the arrest of two suspects who seized the tools for unlocking, dicing masks, gloves and other tools of crime, and more than 5500 yuan in cash, gold ring and other stolen goods. In order to seize the escaped suspects, the police made a lot of effort. He Shuwu said that the theft of a total of 18 residential buildings, a layer of 12 households, the police searched the 1 to the 18 floor corridor later found no suspects, "the suspect escaped, certainly also is hiding in the building". After the arrest of two suspects after the trial, He Shuwu learned that the 3 suspects burglary two residents. "They know that no two people, the suspect is likely to escape in the two families in hiding". He Shuwu through the property and the stolen tenants made contact, access to permission, the police entered the home of the stolen tenants, but did not find the suspect fled. He Shuwu analysis, the suspect must still be in the building, if not promptly found the suspect, the suspect hit the home of the victim, is likely to occur hostage-taking risk events. At this time, the distribution in the corridor between attracted the attention of He Shuwu, He Shuwu found that each layer in the corridor between the distribution room and weak current, heat, the police have to find the key from the property management office, all the heat and power distribution between the checked and found no suspects. Power distribution room is generally not locked, we found that the 5 floor of the stolen floor of the distribution room is locked". He Shuwu analysis, the maximum distribution between the space inside the door can be locked, the suspect is likely to lock yourself inside. At 8:50, He Shuwu decided to open the door of the distribution room. This time,.相关的主题文章: