The standard bearer of Rong Jing the medal is to win the tears of the motherland Mid Autumn

The standard bearer of Rong Jing: the medal is to win the tears of the motherland Mid Autumn Festival gift Rong Jing Rio De Janeiro Xinhua sports news (reporter Ji ye September 14th He Jun Zheng Zhi) on the 14 day of the Rio Paralympic wheelchair fencing arena, Chinese Paralympic delegation flagman Rong Jing won the gold medal. After the game, she said that this gold medal is in a foreign country she gave the motherland Mid Autumn Festival gift. September 15th is the Chinese Traditional Festival Mid Autumn Festival, and the motherland has 11 hours time difference Brazil or the 14 day. This day, Rong Jing ushered in the first game of the tournament — the women’s individual foil a. She is a 28 year old road through, in the face of Chinese Hongkong player Yu Cuiyi in the finals, she won 15:8. When the last sword stab score, she was so excited she cried. In an interview after the game, she left with tears: "I look forward to this moment, and finally a dream come true! Today is the Mid Autumn Festival, for a long time did not go home. I haven’t told my family yet." In the circle of friends, Rong Jing wrote: Thank you too many people along the way. Thank Chinese CDPF, thank the Jiangsu provincial federations, thanks for all the support of sports care of the disabled friend. Today is the mid autumn festival! I wish all my friends happy mid autumn festival! This gold medal is also in a foreign country, I gave my motherland Mid Autumn Festival gift!" Height of 1 meters of Rong Jing was born in 1988 in Jiangsu Province, Shuyang Hua Chong Town, an ordinary peasant family, due to polio and right leg mobility inconvenience. Currently studying in Lianyungang radio and Television University in 2004, she entered the Jiangsu wheelchair fencing team engaged in fencing. She won the women’s epee team gold medal in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, since 2015 a total of seven degrees in international competition, won 6 gold medals; she also won the national labor medal, 54 Chinese youth medal, the 38 red banner pacesetter title. In her honor, and Rio Chinese delegation to the bearer of the title. On the 7 day of the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games, a smile as bright as the sun Rong Jing hold high the flag. When asked whether the identity of the bearer will bring pressure to the game, Rong Jing said: "I think I will adjust as soon as possible, the standard bearer identity is the opening ceremony that evening, after that day, I am just a wheelchair fencing athletes." But she said, after knowing a bearer, a bit at a loss, did not think. Any head of delegation Chinese China Paralympic Games, Paralympic Committee Chairman Chinese CDPF chairman Zhang Haidi said at the time: "now still have to care for our disabled women and children, we should choose a good female athletes as a standard bearer of this year, we will choose the London 2012 Paralympic Games fencing champion Rong jing. I believe that the quality of Rong Jing, the image must be able to represent the Chinese Paralympic athletes temperament and spirit." In Rio, Rong Jing will also participate in the team foil and Epee team competition. (end)相关的主题文章: