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"Supply side reform" theory connotation and main points of theory – original title: "the core connotation of supply side reform" theory connotation and main points of supply side reform is the problem of effective supply system. Therefore, put forward suggestions — the formation of theory of knowledge innovation based on the analysis based on the core connotation of supply side reform we think Chinese should emphasize, is supposed to guide the overall "to further deepen the reform of the liberation of the productive forces, is in the market, globalization, democracy and take down in the deep water reform" overcome difficulties continue to promote economic and social transformation and upgrading. In a word, it is to provide an effective system to support the optimization of the structure, activate the total factor productivity, leading the new normal, butt comprehensive well-off, China Unicom dream". The basic policy proposition of the new supply economics research group, which is based on the basic theory of innovation, is the "eight double" under the overall situation of reform and the "equal emphasis on the" five tasks of the "two years"". Here is as follows — "eight basic points" are: first, the "double" — take innovative country road and vigorously encourage entrepreneurship. Second, double – to promote new urbanization and promote industrial optimization. Third, double reduction – to accelerate the implementation of structural tax cuts as the focus of tax reform and significantly reduce administrative examination and approval. Fourth, under the double diffuser "– the opening pattern and the new situation of international competition, expand the fusion of African and Latin China open, and expand the quality and structure of" effective investment "based on the scale in terms of growth (for consumption boost is of course important, has been significantly improved, many the research results and the degree of attention but further understanding, for investment in this area that we also need to emphasize, so put in the" double down "expand the concept of the show). Fifth, the "double turn" — as soon as possible the implementation of China’s population policy from the liberalization of the town system in the "one-child" control to gradually change appropriate to encourage fertility, and actively promote the state-owned assets and stock returns to the social security and public services in the field of transpose. Sixth, "double" — to play their respective advantages in the state-owned and non-state-owned economy coordinated development, should be the common progress, need to abandon that either this or that completely mutually exclusive thinking, under the concept of mixed ownership ", form to improve the basic economic system of socialist market economy to" win-win "for the characteristics of modernization. Seventh, double in place – to promote the government, the market should play its due role in the dual positive interaction, complementarity and cooperation. Analysis of this understanding, should be extended to China necessary developed third departments, namely, volunteer organizations, charitable community non-governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, and some of these concepts under the more active community, should give full play to their potential in the interaction among social subjects. We value the public-private partnership has international attention (official translation for "cooperation between government and social capital) — PPP mode, in this mode to seek win-win situation, should be the basic point of view. Eighth, "double matching"相关的主题文章: